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Sundrive Track League : Final Result

<Race Result and League Table after Final Round>
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Report : The League couldn’t have been any more fiercely contested with everything coming down to the final race of the night, a 10 Lap Hare & Hound. Little did Luke know that only a win would secure overall victory and there was the small matter of catching the B group first which they did with two laps to go! Sean placed second to Luke in the final sprints leaving both riders on 48 points with the nod going to Luke based on more wins.

Callum Byrne had another great nights racing and emphasised his position at the top of Group B while George Sevastopulo and Evan Bernie duked it out as part of a combined B/C group. I don’t think riders were acutely aware of how close it all was as with racing at that intensity there is little room for mental calculations. The bottom line from my point was that all riders left the field of play smiling – tired but smiling! A superb standard of racing!

1. Luke Bernie (Navan RC) 48
2. Sean Curtis (Sundrive) 48
3. Ian Donnelly (Orwell) 38
1. Callum Byrne (Navan RC) 50
2. Eoin Hassett (Sundrive) 27
3. Keela McHale (Sundrive) 21.
1. Evan Bernie (Navan RC) 46
2. George Sevastopulo (Sundrive) 43
3. Alan Morrissey (Callan) 26
1. Mya Doocey U16 (Navan RC) 23
2. Julia Cooper (Arcane) 21
3. Emma Smith J (Navan RC) 21
1. Karl Bernie U14 (Navan RC) 67
2. Oscar Sevastopulo U12 (Sundrive) 32
2. Davis Quinn U14 (Navan RC) 28

Please note that online sign on closes at 7pm each week.
If you arrive and haven’t signed on – you wont be racing!!

Please sign on online each week on the previous evening as this greatly assists us with the organisation of the event.. Bring the number we gave you and wear it on your LHS facing upwards. We will not be issuing replacement numbers.
Note that the groupings are a fluid thing over the first few weeks as we work out where people are best placed to be competitive but not overly dominant. Please wattapp Hugh with any requests re grouping. As you saw we actually moved some people after the first race. The League is a training league and to be enjoyed so we want to ensure both those tenets are achieved.

Registration : Once you have paid either of the payment options below you will be registered for the League
Payment : Options €20 total or €4 per night payable online. 
(Payment Includes bike hire for youth)
Weekly Sign on : Sign on for each week opens at midnight of the preceding Sunday.
Please sign in online from midnight Sunday 24th via

*** We request that riders sign on online each week by midnight on Tuesday on to allow us to plan groups etc

*** First Race 7pm. Track Open from 6pm. Bike Hire 6.20 to 6.50

We will host two separate Track Leagues on Wednesdays from Wednesday 27th April with the
Sundrive Spring Track League running from Wednesday 27th April to June 15th (8 weeks)
Sundrive Summer Track League running from June 29th to August 24th (8 weeks)

Groups A/B/C/L Youth(U12/U14)

Races will follow the format of
(1) Scratch
(2) Skill (Win& Out, Tempo, Elimination or Points)
(3) Short (e.g. Kilo Dash/Mile, or 4 Lap H/cap)
(4) Hare & Hound A/B,C/W

8 Weeks Racing  (first 7 to count) with Friendly Racing and Presentation on the  Final Night.

We  leave June 22nd  vacant in favour of the Stephen Roche GP in Dundrum