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Final Accreditation : Sat 23rd July 2pm

Accreditation at Sundrive Velodrome
This is the basic level of skill required to participate in training and riders will be required to participate in at least one further full training session and only if can be signed off on some other skills and ability to display those at speed, will then be allowed to race.

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Omnium C/ship – Result

Olympic Omnium 2016 Championship Sat&Sun 18th/19th June 2016

The three events ascheduled were completed on Day 1, but despite a rescheduled earlier start on Sunday, the expected rain also came earlier!  The forecast was for rain for the rest of the day and after all options to reschedule were explored, the result was declared based on the results from Day 1 with the agreement of commisaires and the Track Commission
<Omnium Result>

Day 1 Scratch 15k (32 Laps)/10k (21 Laps), Pursuit (4k /3k) , Elimination Race
Day 2  TT (Kilo /500m), Flying 250m, Points Race (40k/ 25k)
Mens Points Race 87 Laps – First at 80 and every 5 after that – 17 Sprints
Womens Points Race 55 Laps – First at 50 and every 5 after that – 11 Sprints

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