Monday Senior Training Starts May 11th

(No SQT B/Holiday Monday)
Weeks 1-4  (up to 8th June) will required low gearings as we will be working on out of the saddle skills and leg speed. Gearing recommendations max 49×16 (same as hire bikes)


Pedals on Hire Bikes
For 2015 hire bikes at Sundrive Velodrome are now fitted with LOOK KEO pedals

Local Weather
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Sundrive League Results after Week 3
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New Youth Riders
New youth riders only accepted on 1st & 2nd Saturdays of any month at 1230 session.
Senior riders must attend scheduled Accreditations

List of Accredited Riders

Duane Delaney 2015

Duane Delaney Track Grand Prix
Finglas Ravens CRC

Saturday June 6, 2015

Sign on 09:00 to 09:30
Open Track 0930– 10.10
First event 10.15

Closing Date for Entry will be midnight Wed 3rd June
Entry Fee €10
Online entries only, there are no entries on the day !!

Click here for your entry form
Entry now Open
Closing Date for Entry Midnight Wed 3rd June

Entrants will be liable for entry fee whether or not they turn up.

This will once again be a multi event Omnium with riders categorized based on standards applied to the Sundrive League and is open to Senior/Vet/ Junior and experienced U16.
All riders must be licensed and track accredited.

Riders will be split into A/B/C categories based on track ability and following category currently riding at our track Sundrive Track League. We reserve the right to move riders up or down if required to ensure competitive numbers within each section and we further reserve the right to regrade a rider if after the 200TT we find a rider to be inappropriately graded.

We will also run with a Ladies Category subject to receiving a minimum entry level.

Prizes to 1st 3 in each Category, with the Overall Prize to the rider amassing the most points irrespective of category.

(1) Flying 200 TT
(2) Kilo Dash (Max 10 per Heat)
(3) Scratch Race
And final event for top 8 in each category only
(4) Standing Start 500m TT

Scoring System
8 points for 1st, down to 1point for 8th.
Riders must compete in all events.
Winner to rider with most points

Hour Record
John Lynch (Murphy Surveys) will be making a Cycling Ireland ratified Derny Paced Hour Record during the interval
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Women’s Track Cycling Workshop

Womens Omnium
A repeated of the very well received 2014 women’s track cycling workshop has been announced for Sunday 24th May 2015. The workshop will take place from 11am to 3pm (sign on & bike hire at 10.30) and is for accredited riders. It will be aimed at those new to the track or those who have been away from it for some time and want to freshen up their skills for the season ahead. More experienced riders are invited and encouraged to come along to hone their skills and help the others get a feel for what its all about! The workshop will be coached by Hugh Byrne and will provide the opportunity for women to try out all the events that make up the Olympic Omnium.  We will also be covering the Team Sprint.

Bunch races will include Points, Scratch and Elimination  and there will be an opportunity to try some of the time trial events such as the Flying 250m, the 500m TT and the Individual Pursuit. We will be giving people an opportunity to practice the team sprint with their club mates, a great chance to start the preparations for the Team Nationals in August. This year, once again, junior women are allowed to ride the Team Sprint Nationals which should make the event even more interesting.

This workshop comes at a great time as two weeks later there will be an opportunity to race in the Duane Delaney (a friendly multi-race type event) and following that the National Olympic Omnium a month later.

Please note accreditation is a prerequisite to attend the workshop. If you are not yet accredited and would like to come along you will have to attend the accreditation on Saturday May 23rd at 2pm at Sundrive or indeed you may have attended the Women ‘specific’ Accreditation on Sat 11th April . 

Accredited junior women are also welcome to attend the workshop.

Cost €10
Please email Susie Mitchell to register for event. Continue reading

Sundrive Track League


League Starts Wed 29th April  -
First Race 1900  - Sign & bike hire closes at 1850