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2017 Duane Delaney TGP (Entries)

Duane Delaney 2017  Sat 3rd June 2017

<Online Entry Now Open >
Entry fee €10      Open to U16 / Junior / Senior / Master / Male / Female  Accredited Track Riders
Entry closes midnight Wed 31st May.

We are happy to have a committed sponsor for this event for the next 3 years and we are grateful to Finglas Ravens for bringing this event to the track and supporting it for the past ten years . Over that period of time the format has evolved and the name has come to stand for something, and our new sponsor wishes to perpetuate those values and this Track Grand Prix will continue to be run under his name.
< Results 2007 -2016> 

“Duane joined Finglas Ravens in the late 80s. He was a very honest rider and loved bike racing. Every race he rode he gave it his best. Never got annoyed, always had a smile and a joke after the race no matter how hard it was. The damp weather in Ireland used to affect his breathing so he decided to head off to Australia where his father Tony was from. He joined Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club and made great progress on the track in particular. Duane had just turned 30 (1997) and was cycling home from a race with his team mates when he was involved in a serious road traffic accident.  He was in intensive care for eight days and never regained consciousness. He was a big loss to the club and of course his family. There was a mass service for him in Australia and he was brought home. He is buried out in Dardistown along with his mother who passed away in 2013. This race run in his honour, reflects his sense of fair play and encouragement to all and is unique in that overall honours goes to the rider who excels within his class irrespective of category.”
Berni McCormack (Finglas Ravens)

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Monday SQTs

Sundrive Monday Night Training
Starts Monday  8th May for Senior/U16 Accredited Track Riders.
Season Fees Apply.
For May sessions Bike Hire & Sign on 1800-1820 with Session 1830 to 2000.
After May there will be a youth session prior to the Senior SQT, so times will push forward slightly.
Session starts ‘on the fence’ at 1830 with a 15 minute warm up.
Sessions run on a tight schedule so don’t be late!!! Continue reading Monday SQTs

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