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Sundrive : Laps per event

Link to laps per events at Sundrive 460m Track <Click Here>

Training Fees / Facility Fee at Sundrive

There is a two step process to signing in for Leagues & Training Sessions
Step 1 (below) is to register for session or league night
Step 2 is Payment

Step 1
(This is how you sign in to a session – Public , League or Club)
It is not good practice to leave this to your coach and you cannot sign in retrospectively.
For coached sessions, or Leagues then move to payment in Step 2.

Step 2A Payment for Leagues & Public Coached Sessions
Cost per Public Coached session is 5€ for youth/senior/ junior.
Bike hire for Senior riders is an extra €5. (Bike hire for youth is already included)
Wednesday League €4 / Sprinters League 9€ (2022 Link)

Step 2B Facility Fee : All senior/junior riders and coaches sessions are liable for the 10€ annual facility fee.  There is not facility fee for U12/U14/U16 (2022 Link)

Step 3 : Bike Hire : 
If bike hire is required please email to tell us the size and we will have it ready. Regular riders need not do this is as we have your size posted on our whiteboard. You must collect your bike 15 minutes before the session.

I live in Connaught, there are no tracks nearby, what can I do?

Don’t worry there is a very active club in your region who regularly compete on the track.

For more information please contact Aidan Reade of the Black Rose Cycling Club.

Here is a link to their Facebook page:

Are there any velodromes in Ireland?

Yes we have three outdoor velodromes in Ireland:

  1. Belfast Orangefield.
  2. Dublin Eamonn Ceannt Stadium (colloquially referred to as ‘Sundrive Velodrome).
  3. Kanturk.

Is track racing dangerous:

No track racing is extremely safe. All riders must be accredited before they can take part in group activity and all sessions are monitored by our experienced coaches.

I want to keep fit but I do not want to race, what can I do?

Track cycling is a great way to keep fit and throughout  the season our trained coaches hols sessions twice a week. You can take part in these sessions even if you do not want to race. Please check our calendar for the times for these sessions.

I do not have a track bike, can I use my road bike?:

No for safety reasons road bikes are not permitted on the track. But the good news is that track specific bikes are available for hire at the tracks.
At Sundrive the bikes are fitted with Look Keo or Toe Strap pedals (which will work with runners) . Please note that Look Delta are a larger plate than Look Keo, so shoes with Delta plates are not suitable. Changing of pedals is not permitted. All bikes are fitted with a training gear 49×16

I race on the road, can I race on the track?:

No for safety reasons road bikes are not permitted on the track. But the good news is that track specific bikes are available for hire at the tracks.

I saw track cycling on television. There appeared to be a lot of different types of races.

Track racing is divided into two broad categories: the sprint races and the endurance races.

Sprint RacesEoinMullen

  • Time Trial 1000 metres for men
  • 500 metres for women
  • 200m Sprint- also known as ‘Match Sprint’
  • Keirin

Endurance Races

  • Individual Pursuit : 4000m for men
  • Individual Pursuit : 3000m for women
  • Team Pursuit
  • Olympic Sprint
  • Points race : 40km for men
  • Points Race : 24km for women
  • Madison

The Track Races Explained


Sprint Races 
Time Trial 1000metres

A simple surge for the line. For male racers only, the start is from standing and the rider accelerates as quickly as possible to maximum speed, then holds it until the line if possible. The best times for the measured kilometre touch one minute.
Tactics do not come into this event, it is purely a test of power and accurate pedalling.

500 metres
A simple surge for the line. For female racers only, the start is from standing and the rider attempts to accelerate to maximum speed before the finish line. The best times for the Tactics do not come into this event, it is purely a test of power and accurate pedalling. The 500m time trial will be introduced at the world championships this year.

200m Sprint- also known as ‘Match Sprint’ 
This was first a world championship race at Cologne in 1895. Nowadays, there is a Sprint category both men and women. A line is marked 200 metres before the finish, and the riders’ times beyond this line are measured. This is why the race is sometimes called the 200m Sprint. Races are contested over a distance of one kilometre, with two riders at a time on the track, jockeying for the best position from which to unleash their final surge at the finish line. The contest uses a knock-out format, and each heat is contested over two races, and if needed a third race is used as a tie-breaker.

Tactics plays a key role in the match sprint, and sometimes the cat and mouse game in the early part of the race brings both riders to a complete standstill, which is how the famous cycling ‘track stand’ came about. The reason for this is that nobody really wants to lead. It is generally a disadvantage to have the lead going into the final 200 metres, since the high speeds attained by track racers make the slipstream advantage a significant factor. The match sprint is always one of the most popular types of race at a track meeting.

Only men compete in the Keirin. This race originated in Japan, where it is the predominant form of cycle racing. People there go to Keirin meetings and bet on the outcome, similarly to horse or dog racing . There is so much money in the sport in Japan that many of their top Keirin riders do not go to the world championships. And if they did, they might well not win it. Since this race first appeared on the world championships programme in 1980, the only time a Japanese rider has won it was in 1987, when Harumi Honda took the Rainbow Jersey at Vienna. So why do the Japanese not dominate in the race they invented?

The Japanese Keirin has some significant differences to the international interpretation of this race. For a start, tracks there are banked less steeply than in most other places, and an all-weather asphalt surface permits Keirin racing in the rain, which would not happen at a world championship or world cup meeting. Furthermore, the approach of Japanese Keirin racers is to win as much money as they can all the time. This means staying at a high level of fitness for several months of the year. To reach the peak needed for success at the world championship would demand a recovery period afterwards, which would harm earning potential. So from the professional point of view, it makes no sense. One final significant difference is that in the Japanese Keirin, riders start the race lined out across the track. In the international version, they start in a single file along the track.

So, what happens in the Keirin? Rather a lot, actually. It is regarded as the most physically combative of all track races. A motorcycle paces the field of eight, leading them faster and faster around the track for three laps until it peels off. Then the riders are free to sprint for the finish line. Strength, courage and aggression are required to get the optimum position for the final lunge for the line.
Endurance Races

  • Individual Pursuit : 4000m for men
  • Individual Pursuit : 3000m for women

Only two riders contest the pursuit, each starts at a point marked half way along the opposing straights of the track. From the start gun to the finish, the purpose of the race is to catch the other rider. If a rider catches his or her rival before the designated race distance, the race ends immediately. Otherwise the pursuit is decided by the rider who completes the distance in the shorter time. The winner passes through progressive rounds in a knock-out format contest.

Tactics in pursuit racing revolve around pacing. To start fast, or to finish fast? The best riders keep an even pace throughout. Smooth pedalling style and intense concentration are as important in this sport as the capacity to endure pain. The best times for the men’s four kilometre pursuit are beneath four minutes, thirty seconds. Among the women, any time beneath three minutes, forty seconds for the three kilometres is very good.


Team Pursuit
This event is for men only. It is similar to the individual pursuit, except that teams of four contest this race. Both teams hold a tight formation, the riders keeping within centimetres of each other while taking turns at the front. The time of the third rider is counted each lap until the finish. This means that before the closing laps, one rider can take the burden of the work, and then drop off as fatigue bites approaching the finish. Olympic Sprint
The Olympic sprint is a men’s race at this point in history. It was invented to conform with Olympic criteria for cycling, and creates a spectacular event that is popular with television and spectators alike.

A three lap race, two teams of three riders start from the pursuit markings. Each rider in each team leads for one lap and then takes shelter in the slipstream at the back of his team line. The finish time is recorded when the third rider in each team crosses the line.
The first leading rider in each team must be a pure sprinter: able to reach a high speed quickly but not necessarily to maintain it. The rider who takes the lead for the final lap might be good at the kilometre sprint.

At the finish of this fast and close-fought race, frequently the gap between teams is measured in tenths or hundredths of a second.

  • Points Race : 40km for men
  • Points Race : 24km for women

The longest of the track races. A bunch of riders sprints for points at the end of each lap. At the end of the race, the rider with the greatest points total is the winner.

When did track racing start: Track racing has been around since the last century. The first world championships records date back to 1895.These days, it is a highly structured and complex branch of cycle sport and involves several different races. A track meeting showcases a range of the most dynamic and extreme skills and tactics in cycle sport.

The exponents of track racing are cycling’s most muscular athletes.
These are the power players, whose image is the embodiment of strength and speed.

Recently the track world championships programme was brought into line with the track Olympics programme, making the two annual events identical to the quadrennial event.



Not an easy race to follow, but worth the effort of concentration if you do. This race takes its name from the venue of its invention: Madison Square Gardens in New York.

Several teams of two men race around the track at the same time, trying to gain a lap on their rivals. The Madison is either thirty minutes or one hour in length, and is effectively a relay race. At any one time only one member of the team is involved in the competition. While one team member races, the other circles high on the track, resting. Normally the rest period takes one and a half laps. When the resting rider rejoins the competition, his colleague slings him into the fray, either by a hand sling, or else by a firm push on the seat.

The object of the Madison is to complete more laps than any other team. Points are scored at specified marks during the race, and if two or more teams finish the race on the same lap, as is often the case, the one with the greatest points total wins.

Track Hire for Club Sessions

The track is available for use by Cycling Ireland clubs for fixed wheel training only.
All sessions must be supervised by a Cycling Ireland Coach (preferably track coach).
Riders must sign on for all sessions.

Maximum time bookable for Club Track Sessions is 2 hours. This time may be extended at the discretion of the Velodrome Committee if sessions are open to more than one club.

Clubs may be asked to share sessions, if demand at that time is high.

Private Club Training /Accreditation Sessions can be booked in 2 hour slots.
These sessions cost €120
This fee includes bike hire and two CI Track Coaches.
The maximum number of new riders requiring accreditation (and bike hire) is 14 riders in a session

All sessions are booked via email to
and will appear on the calendar on

The velodrome email is monitored by representatives from 3 clubs and it is their remit is that the track is available to all those who wish to train there. The track and clubhouse are locked facilities but those on the coaching rota would have keys, so it may be necessary to hire a coach.

Mission Statement
Booking Limitations
(1) Max time Friday Evenings ( 90 min) 1800 -1930 , 1930 – 2100 (Clubs only)
(2) Saturday /Sundays Club Sessions Max 2 hours
      Saturdays in 2 hour slots after training
      Sundays 2 hour slots , preferably without dead time between session.
(3) Extended times may be allocated depending on the inclusive nature of the session at the discretion of Sundrive Velodrome Committee.
(4) All sessions must be supervised by a CI coach and riders signed on
(5) Sessions for Fixed Gear Track bikes only.
(6) Latest session bookable on Wednesday League nights is finishing at 1730.
      Session prior to Track League should be inclusive within reason
(7) Requested booking times may be altered to facilitate earlier or later sessions.
(8) Preferable to steer well clear of running club as although their sessions are 1845 to 2000 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, technically the whole evening is theirs so be well gone before they arrive and under no circumstances enter until they have left.
(9) Friday Sessions bookable 1800 to 1930 or 1930 to 2100
(10) 24 hour notice required for all bookings as we need to be able to tell clubs if time prior or after their session is being utilised
(11) All Senior/Junior riders using track must pay the 10€ facility fee and submit licences for accreditation stickers at their earliest convenience .
(12) Please walk track prior to use and remove any stones, sticks or glass.Also if you tell us where the glass was, we can use the blower when we are there next.
Repeat Private Bookings
One month or two sessions in advance.
If multiple sessions required times and dates can be submitted and will be allocated closer to the date.
At times of peak demand, clubs may be requested to share sessions for like minded sessions e.g Team Pursuit. Individual or small groups should be inclusive and receptive to requests to share track time, but priority within the session will remain with original booker.
Public sessions (e.g Saturday Derny) always given priority.
Cycling ireland Squad sessions may be allocated longer sessions.
No problem contacting us by text, wattsapp or private email but please cc to for transparency.

What gear should I use?

Track Gearing Information

Author: Hugh Byrne
Subject: Track Gearing


 I have had a few questions regarding gearing etc and this is just info that might be of some use.

As a rule of thumb changing the back sprocket by one tooth makes a difference of approx 4 inches, while added a tooth to the front chainring increases your gearing by 2 inches.

It is usually advisable to have at least 2 front rings and a few back sprockets.

So say for example if you have a 48 & 49 front and a 14/15/16 for the back you would have a good choice of gears for most occasions.

  • 48×16=81 inches (good warm up gear)
  • 49×16=82.7
  • 48×15=86.4 Race gear
  • 49×15=88.2 Race gear (not windy)
  • 48×14=92.6 Very fit & strong
  • 49×14=94.5 Too high

A full chart below and based on that and what is on your bike already you may choose different array of sprockets & chainrings

If you also had a 50 front ring then with those back sprockets you would also have 84.4, 90 (useful) & 96.4

(Recommended setups 46,47,48 with 13,14,15 or 49,50,51 with 14,15,16)

Remember that track chains are thicker and any old front ring won’t do and also they come with slighly different internal circumferances where the holes are, so check your current chainring for all specifications

Also track rings can be changed quite quickly -5 allen keys that screw straight into the armiture.

Rear sprockets come in two basic types.

1. ‘Screw On’ -which will require a chain whip to remove, and

2 ‘Miche’ -a handier version where the body screws on and the sprocket just sits on this and is held by a lock ring which requires that head set open ring type tool .

Another tool that all trackies will need is a ring spanner for the wheel nuts. This comes with slightly different size ring on each side and a pedal spanner on the end

As recommended by UK outdoor track……

  • 81″ for novices and if you’re not fit
  • 84″ if reasonably fit and experienced….also intermediate riders if it is windy
  • 88″ entry level race gear for FIT riders or super-fit riders on a windy day
  • 90.6″ Race gear for very fit or experienced riders ….will be too high for anybody if windy.

Ring Cog Gear
56 13 116.3
55 13 114.2
54 13 112.2
53 13 110.1
52 13 108.0
56 14 108.0
55 14 106.1
51 13 105.9
54 14 104.1
50 13 103.8
53 14 102.2
49 13 101.8
56 15 100.8
52 14 100.3
48 13 99.7
55 15 99.0
51 14 98.4
47 13 97.6
54 15 97.2
50 14 96.4
46 13 95.5
53 15 95.4
49 14 94.5
56 16 94.5
52 15 93.6
45 13 93.5
55 16 92.8
48 14 92.6
51 15 91.8
44 13 91.4
54 16 91.1
47 14 90.6
50 15 90.0
53 16 89.4
46 14 88.7
49 15 88.2
52 16 87.8
45 14 86.8
48 15 86.4
51 16 86.1
44 14 84.9
47 15 84.6
50 16 84.4
46 15 82.8
49 16 82.7
45 15 81.0
48 16 81.0
47 16 79.3
44 15 79.2
46 16 77.6
45 16 75.9
44 16 74.3


2022 Accreditation Dates at Sundrive?

The Sundrive Velodrome Committee  has re-scheduled four dates for accreditation in Dublin for those who wish to  partake in track racing at the Sundrive Velodrome in the coming year.

Gaining accreditation ensures that riders have the basic level of skill required to participate, safely, in training sessions. Riders are required to participate in at least one further full training session subsequent to the accreditation session in order for the coaches to assess their ability. Should the rider attain the required skills standard they will be ‘signed off’ and issued with an accreditation ‘pink slip’.  Once the rider has a ‘pink slip’ they will be allowed to partake in competition.

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  • Upcoming Dates:
  •  – 
  •  – 
  •  – 
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Booking for Accreditation open on Sunday midnight of the week of each session.

Accreditation  at Sundrive

  • Cost : Senior €15 including bike hire
    Junior/Youth €7 including bike hire
  • (Step 1 – this reserves your place) )
    Registration :
    The Cycling Ireland Covid-19 Period Booking App is now live and is the format for booking into Accreditation at Sundrive. Sessions will only appear on the portal at midnight on the preceding Sunday.

    For those without a licence then need to email as we need email and mobile number to comply with Covid contact tracing
  • (Step 2 – only after Step 1 completed)
    Link to Payment (2022 Link)
  • Accreditation is subject to getting a minimum of 6 participants registered by preceding Thursday.
  • New Youth Riders U10/U12/U14 will be catered for on 1st two Saturdays of each month
  • All sessions at Sundrive are weather dependent.

We have an extensive fleet of track bikes for hire and very experienced coaches on hand to help you make the transition. All hire bikes are fitted with Look Keo pedals (or toe strap via adapter) and gearing is restricted to 49×16. This gearing is fine for training and developing cadence, but anyone looking to progress in the sport would eventually have to think about getting their own bike. But, as I say, we have hire bikes to help you get up and running.

There are of course benefits to taking in all aspects of our sport and we like to encourage and welcome everyone. Track helps you improve your pedaling, pace judgement, explosive power, seated acceleration and tactical awareness. But most importantly it is technically challenging and fun! Naturally it is those who put in the most time on the track who will excel, especially with the sprint events.

Non Licence Holders : We can accommodate non licence holders, if you send an email to (and pay online), but we will need your mobile number in addition to your email to comply with contract tracking.

Bike required ? If  you need a bike please tell us approximate size and be in the courtyard around back of clubhouse 20 minutes before the start of the session. If you have your own bike please go straight to the track and wait at the double gates. Assemble 10 minutes before session start.

< List of Accredited Riders > (Updated 23/09/21)

The Sundrive Velodrome Committee  has re-scheduled four dates for accreditation in Dublin for those who wish to  partake in track racing at the Sundrive Velodrome in the coming year.

Gaining accreditation ensures that riders have the basic level of skill required to participate, safely, in training sessions. Riders are required to participate in at least one further full training session subsequent to the accreditation session in order for the coaches to assess their ability. Should the rider attain the required skills standard they will be ‘signed off’ and issued with an accreditation ‘pink slip’.  Once the rider has a ‘pink slip’ they will be allowed to partake in competition.

Booking for Accreditation open on Sunday midnight of the week of each session.


  • Both stages of accreditation must be undertaken within the same season.
  • Riders with less than 1 years racing experience will be removed from the list after two seasons of inactivity.
  • Attendance at normal training sessions will extend your accreditation status irrespective of whether you race or not.
  • Riders with in excess of 2 years extensive bunch racing experience may remain on the list at the discretion of the Track Commission despite inactivity.

Tell me more about accreditation sessions at Sundrive Velodrome

Bike Hire:

First come basis.

Shoes and Helmet are available to hire, limited number available so please bring your own if you have them.


Pre registration reguired by email to prior to the preceding Thursday.
Minimum number 6
Maximum 20


Sundrive Pavilion, the yellow brick building located at the entrance to the park, off Clogher road towards Rutland Grove, Crumlin.

If directions needed,

Sundrive Velodrome, Eamonn Ceannt Park, Sundrive Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12.

Google Maps:,-6.2944475,17z/data=!3m1!4b1?hl=en

By Bus:

150 stops on Clogher road junction of Rutland Avenue.

18 & 83 stops on Sundrive road / Stanaway road.


What to wear..

Please dress appropriately for the weather any time of year.

Wear layers, gloves, any cycling clothing, including shoes but not essential.

If you have cycling shoes, Look Keo cleats compatible. No Changing Pedals or any Equipment on Hire Bikes.

If not, Flat sole trainers / runners is preferable.

Shorts / Sports / Gym clothing is ideal, jeans or anything baggy not recommended.

Separate Male & Female changing facilities available.


What to bring..

Bring a drink and some food, banana, small snacks and/or sandwich.

Spar is 2 minutes from the track.

Tap water available at Sundrive Pavilion.


Social Media

See links to our website and social media pages, all of which will give you an idea what you can expect.

Sundrive Velodrome




Local Club:

Sundrive Track Team




Local Weather at Sundrive

This is a pretty good indicator of whether sessions will go ahead!!

Track must be dry for all training sessions

<Link to Local Weather at Sundrive >

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