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Result from IVCA Omnium Night

 IVCA  Track Omnium 25/06/21

    F200 F200
10L Scr H/cap 6L Scr
Ken O Neill 14.44   5pts 3pts 5pts 13pts 1
Francis Halsall 13.36 3pts 2pts 5pts 2pts 12pts 2
Colm Sevastopulo 13.28 5pts   2pts   7pts 3
Brian Coonan 16.12     1pt 3pts 4pts 4
Eddie Lynch 13.98 1pt 1pt   1pt 3pts 5
Shaun Kelly 15.17   3pts     3pts 6
Thomas Kabs 13.92 2pts       2pts 7
John Kinahan 14.22           8
Gerry Dollard 14.42           9
John McDermott 15.50           10
Paul O Connell 16.05           11
Phil Ormrod 17.99           12

A very enjoyable but hard nights racing for all with very impressive debuts from recent accreditees Ken O’Neill and Shaun Kelly with all riders providing great entertainment for those running the event. Riders were set up in groups of 1 to 3 around the track providing for small gaps to level out abilities but this meant all riders were going full gas from the off with gaps closing very late on in the races. Ken in particular showed impeccable timing in gauging efforts and pushing on for the line when it looked like they were about to be caught with 300m to go on his recently acquired track bike. Shaun on a rental bike was as a slight disadvantage against top  class track riders in relation to gearing, but also showed great awareness and will be one to watch. The Tempo race was a well scripted race with Brian Coonan staying clear to take the first 3 sprints only to be caught by Shaun approaching the 4th, only to resurrect himself to over come what looked to be points on the board for Shaun, leaving him with 4 points with only 4 points still available. Once again Ken made his move to overtake this duo andmake an assault on the finals 4 sprints. He successfully held of the fragmented chasers and took 4 points to level it up, but as he had a higher placing on the final sprint he took the victory in this race and Overall victory of the Omnium!