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2021 Omnium C/ship (Entry List & Schedule)

Single Day Event: Saturday 10th July (Eamonn Ceannt Stadium)
Entry closed MIDNIGHT Wednesday 7th July


Parking Please show consideration for residents.
Do not park on double yellow lines, footpaths or block driveways.
There is also parking on the Sundrive Road side of the park.
We will not be allowing cars into the park to unload.
Do not leave bikes in unattended vehicles.

Covid Restrictions Please ensure social distancing off the track.
Support staff / parents will need to sign in online.

Race Numbers On arrival please collect your race number at trackside, which must be placed on LHS of torso with number pointing upwards when rider is bent over.

Women :
 Scratch 7.5k / Tempo 7.5k / Elimination / Points 20k
Men : Scratch 10k / Tempo 10k / Elimination / Points 25k

Provisional Schedule
Open Track 0915 to 1020
10.30 Women’s Scratch
10.50 Men’s Scratch
11.20 Women’s Tempo
11.40 Men’s Tempo
12.10 Women’s Elimination
12.30 Men’s Elimination
(Lunch Break)
13.30 Women’s Points Race
14.15 Men’s Points Race
15.00 Medals Presentation

Scratch : 7.5k (Neutral & 16 Laps)
Tempo : 7.5k (Neutral & 16 Laps)  First  Bell at 13)
(4 Laps to 1st Sprint – Sprint every lap after that with 1 point for 1st)
Elimination (Neutral – one rider eliminated per lap after that)
Points Race : 20k  – 44 Laps (9 Sprints ) First at 40. Double points last sprint . 5/3/2/1

Scratch : 10k (Neutral & 22 Laps)
Tempo : 10k (Neutral & 22 Laps – First Bell at 19)
(4 Laps to 1st Sprint – Sprint every lap after that with 1 point for 1st)
Elimination (Neutral – one rider eliminated per lap after that)
Points Race : 25k 55 Laps (11 Sprints ) First at 50. Double points last sprint. 5/3/2/1

Agnieszka Samsel Female Sundrive Track Team
Caoimhe O Brien Female Weston Homes-Torelli-Assure
Claire Ní Reachtagáin Female Sundrive Track Team
Cleo Harvey Female Dublin Wheelers
Deborah Madden Female Sundrive Track Team
Deirbhle Ivory Female UCD Cycling Club
Elizabeth Kent Female Arcane Cycling Team
Gabriella Homer Female Team Rupecleaning Champion Lubricants
Helen Mc Parland Female Phoenix CC
Jennifer Neenan Female VIB Natural Greatness
Julia Cooper Female Un-Attached Leinster
Keela Mac Hale Female Arcane Cycling Team
Orla Hendron Female Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
Rachel Mc Bride Female Arcane Cycling Team
Susie Mitchell Female Sundrive Track Team
Aaron Wade Male Powerhouse Sport
Ben Delaney Male Sundrive Track Team
Billy Crosbie Male Sundrive Track Team
Conor Murnane Male UCD Cycling Club
David O Sullivan Male Powerhouse Sport
David Swift Male St Tiernans Cycling Club
Dmitri Griffin Male Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
Fionn Sheridan Male Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
Ian Donnelly Male Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
Jonathan Denvir Male Dromore CC
Ryan Byrne Male Spellman-Dublin Port
Sean Lenehan Male Navan Road Club