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Team Championships / Support Staff / Schedule

Team Support Staff and all members of the event organization must logon for a free ticket to be listed for covid compliance.

No entry without registration, and registration is for people with a legitimate role only. Your mother cannot be listed as your nutritionalist, nor your girlfriend as your manager!
Parents of Junior riders attending in a safeguarding capacity are not deemed to be spectator. We have 60 riders entered and to ensure social distancing at all times off track we require teams to make full use of the infield and to keep support staff numbers to a minimum. Any person without a legitimate role may be asked to leave.

This event is only permitted to go ahead as this is a UCI Elite event and under Cycling Ireland, Sport Ireland and Government rules, this event is to be held behind closed doors.

Parking : Please park with consideration for residents. Do not park on paths, double yellow lines, or block driveways or exits. There is ample parking on the Sundrive Road side of the park.

Travel : Please allow for extra time for travel to the competition as Garda check points may be an issue.

Event Schedule

09.30 –10.20 Open Track
10.30   First Team off

Order of Events (durations approximated)
10.30 Women’s Team Sprint   (30 min approx)  8 Teams
          Men’s Team Sprint   (30 min –  Gate changeover) 7 Teams
11.30 Women’s Team Pursuit 6 Teams (45 min approx)
          Men’s Team Pursuit 7 Teams (45 Min approx)

12.45 Women’s Keirin Semi-Final (2 Heats – 11 Riders)
          Men’s Keirin 1st Round  (3 Heats  -18 Riders)
         Men’s Keirin Reps
         Awards Ceremony – Team Events
         Men’s Keirin Semis

13.30  Lunch (30 min)

14.00 Women’s Keirin 7-12
          Women’s Keirin Final
          Men’s Keirin 7-12
          Men’s Keirin Final
         Awards Ceremony – Keirin

Race numbers will be issued for Keirin