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2020 Track Masters – Rescheduled.

In an ever changing situation and as it became obvious that restrictions would not be lifted in time for the rescheduled National Track Masters to be completed by the end of October we have put a proposal to Cycling Ireland for consideration by the board. I am pleased to announce that they have supported our proposal and we will now host the rescheduled 2020 National Masters on March 27th 2021. We were less than 24 hours away from running the event in September when a change in Government guidelines brought matters to a halt.  All entries will stand, and we will also open up for entry before the end of the year and entry will then close permanently at that stage. As is often the case with CycloX Nationals, entries must be undertaken with a 2020 License (as it is still a 2020 Championship), and categories will be based on your 2020 age category. We will not be accepting entries in 2021 but you will need a 2021 license for insurance purposes. If any already entered rider is not happy with the rescheduling, they can of course withdraw their entry and their entry fee will be refunded.
(Hugh Byrne)