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Summer Track League (Final Result Week 1-6)

7 Week Sundrive Summer Track League
Week 2 Wednesday 22nd July
Entry open for week 2 from Monday 20th

<Race Results & League Table after Week 1>
<Race Results & League Table after Week 2>
<Race Results & League Table after Week 3>
<Race Results & League Table after Week 4>
<Race Results & League Table after Week 5>
<Race Results & Final League Table after Week 6>
<Weekly Race Schedule>

Categories are ability based separate women’s category. Groups may be split based on numbers at the discretion of the organizer on the night

A Strong & Experienced
B Intermediate – mix of abilities
C Easier pace & new to track
W Female riders (will also have option to select A/B category)
D Youth U12/U14

The league will run as it has in the past with 4 races a night per category.
There will be points for the 1st to 4th place in each race (5,3,2,1).

Races will start at 7pm sharp starting with Youth.

The Cycling Ireland Covid-19 Period Booking App is now live and this will be the format for booking into Track League at Sundrive.

Step 1: Entry : Weekly entry via link below open from midnight Sundays to 3pm on the day.

Step 2 : Payment (Separate Link) : Weekly Entry Fee is 4€, and all senior/ junior riders who use the track are also liable for an annual 10€ facility fee

Track Accreditation (both stages) required and minimum licence requirement for Seniors is Limited Competition.

Bike Hire from 1830 to 1850 only
Track Open from 1830.
Racing starts at 1900

Race numbers will be supplied and will be distributed track side. Only attend clubhouse if hiring a bike or using toilets.

Please read link below
Self Assessment Questionaire