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Next Sprinters League : Saturday 15th August

Entry Closing – 3pm Friday as we need to prepare start sheet.
Arrival : Arrive at double gates 1350 at double gates.
We must have a crossover period between sessions, so if you arrive early please wait in your car as you will not be allowed entry until 13.50. Please set up using enhanced social distancing.
It would be advisable to bring rollers.
Toilets will be open – All will be pre-cleaned but washing hands is essential pre and post use.
Arrive ready to race as dressing rooms are not to be used, and there is no reason for riders to attend clubhouse except for use of toilets.
Parking : There is limited space for parking at the rear of track, but always space on the Sundrive Road side. Please adhere to parking legally and do not park on grass verges or footpaths or block any exits.
Schedule of Events :
Open Track 1400 to 1420

Entry for all leagues for the week only appear on the app from the preceding Sunday midnight so its not quite open yet, even though it appears on the payment link.

Step 1 : Book your spot via the covid app.

Step 2 : Payment (Separate Link) :
I understand that some people have paid already, but to secure your place you need to follow up with Step 1 when the booking system is actually open.

We understand that this is a confusing system, but we have no choice as to when stuff appears on the Covid App, so we ask your forbearance! Those who paid will indeed get in, but please follow up by completing Step 1 when it opens.

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