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Booking Track Sessions at Sundrive (Mon/Wed/Sat)

The Cycling Ireland Covid-19 Period Booking App is now live and this will be the format for booking into Public sessions at Sundrive.

Step 1

(This is what actually books the session and must be completed before payment!)

There are now five x 90 minutes public sessions available to book online. Monday 7pm, Wedneday 7pm and Saturday at 8am, 10am and 12pm.

Step 2
Payment : Cost per session is 5€ and all senior/ junior riders who use the track are also liable for an annual 10€ facility fee.

(The problem regarding payment app via mobile has now been resolved)

Senior Sessions will be at adult level, and U14 riders are welcome once they can operate at that level .

Step 3 (if required)
(Bike Hire) : Numbers per session have increased from June 29th and are now operating bike hire again We do however require an email if you wish to hire a bike to and we will have it ready. Please specify size if possible 52/54/56/58. Cost of hire is €5 (seniors). Youth hire is included in session fee. Bike hire twenty minutes before session. If you are registered and have your own bike, please assemble at double gate ten minutes before session. Sessions will start promptly on the hour.

Entry to session will be via double gate and use path between the courts and playground.

Arrive ten minutes before session.
Riders will be on the fence at 0800/1000/1200
Sessions will finish after 90 minutes.
Riders must have exited velodrome within 10 minutes

Arrive with your bike ready to go!

Slots marked on infield for each rider, and slots on fence also allocated per rider. All clearly marked.

Social distancing at all times, and enhanced distancing while on the track.

Step 4
Please read the covid questionaire below
Self Assessment Covid-19 Questionaire

Contact :


Saturday 4th July
Derny : 0800 to 0930 Mark Kiely / Ger Ivory
Senior : 1000 to 1130 Paul Atkinson / John Coates
Youth : 1200 to 1330 Alec Darragh / John Coates
(Note Youth session may include overflow from Senior, and is geared towards youth/novice and can include riders doing intermittent sprint efforts)

Monday 6th July
Session : 1900 to 2030 Hugh Byrne / John Coates

Wednesday 8th July
Session : 1900 to 2030 Hugh Byrne / Gwyn O’Murchu