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2018 Fees at Sundrive Track


(AC18 denotes Accredited Rider)

Sundrive Facility Fee (Red Sticker)
All riders (incl coaches) whether attending public or club sessions must pay
this yearly fee which is a contribution towards running costs of the facility.
Fee 10e (Senior /Junior)

Season Training Fees at Sundrive (Green sticker)  (Mondays & Saturdays)
Family Season Fee €40
Senior €30  (or €5 per Session)
Junior /Student / Unwaged €20   (or €5 per Session)
Youth €10   (or €3 per Session)
Single session fees won’t be discounted from season fees
Bike Hire €5 Senior -  €2 Unwaged/Junior/Student
Bike Hire fee applicable for all public, club, league sessions.
Riders attending Derny sessions must pay Facility Fee and Season Fee in full.

Accreditation Costs at Sundrive

Senior €10 & €5 bike hire
Youth/Unwaged €5 & €2 bike hire

League Costs at Sundrive
Senior / Junior €25 per 8 Week League
Youth U12-1U16 €10 per 8 Week League

National Competitions
We have needed to review our entry fees for National Competitions
as we were not taking into consideration all our running costs
Senior / Masters Nationals 15€ per event or 50€ for all .
Junior Nationals 10€ per event or 30€ for all
Youth Nationals  15€ (to cover all 3 events)
Omnium €30
Keirin 15€ , Team Events – €7.50 per rider

Riders will be issued with small coloured stickers for their licence to indicate
(A) Accredited – This will carry current year –and a new one will issue each year upon attendance that year
(B) Facility Fee Paid - All senior /junior riders using the facility training must pay this
(C) Season Fee Paid - Payment to include all public sessions Saturdays / Mondays

Licences need to be presented at all sessions /leagues etc

(1) No privately owned track bikes may be stored in our bike store.
Any equipment stored there will be deemed available for use
(2) Coaches must walk the track before each session to check for glass, stones etc
(3) All punctures must be repaired – spare tubes in filing cabinet
(4) Coaches please check & clean shoe cleats before returning  to bike store
If cleat worn or broken, please remove to ensure not used by someone else
(5) If any problem encountered with a bike , please leave in kitchen area with a note.
(6) Those hiring shoes must not walk in them on way to track.
(7) Hire bikes must be carried across gravel
(8) Hire bike fees applicable for all public & club sessions
(9) Coaches please note and allocate fees paid and bike hire per session.
Note names and allocate appropriate stickers
(10) Any problems please email sundrive@trackcycling.ie