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Madison Training Session – Monday 21st

There will be a final Madison SQT for those who wish to participate in the years Madison Demo Event on Sunday 27th at Sundrive. All riders must be passed as competent to conduct changes from within the race line and please find attached a list of rider attendance from our training sessions, and a list of riders who in consultation with Fintan have shown a reasonable competency to allow them to participate.  Our first training session just had the madison changes which of course is the first step. Subsequent sessions focussed on the changes from within the line.  Riders who wish to ride, need to complete the process, to allow us to conduct this event safely.  This event (for this year) is open to Junior/Senior/Masters and for this year you may ride with a rider from another club.  Riders who have raced Madison are deemed to be competent. In the interest of rider safety we and as this is a demo event, we will be limiting entry to a max of 12 teams.  This next session is just for those who definitely intend riding the Demo event, and those who have been passed competent would also benefit from the session.
<Attendance – Accredited List>  Updated 21/08/17

Note fron Fintan :  Good luck in the final session. Defintely think more changes in traffic and stressing riding above changes. I also explained one or two more important aspect of “traffic changing” thats also quite important at the last session.

 It is basically that the resting rider, when dropping down to meet their teemmate, should be aware of any other pairings in the group that are doing the same. If there is a pairing making a change at the same time, and that pairing is ahead of your teammate in the group, You need make sure that you drop down to a slightly higher position up the track as your rider will need to go above the change of the pairing ahead before making your change.

The other thing was that if a group of resting riders are together, they need to ensure that they keep in the same order as their respective team mates in the race.