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Sean Mac Aoghain Trophy

Sean Mac Aoghain Trophy
Inter-provincial Track Competition
Orangefield, Sunday 14th August
Sign on 10- 11
Open Track 1030 to 1100

Provincial Teams to Anthony Mitchell before Midnight of Thur. 11th August.


Teams – 3 xU12. 4xU14. 4xU16 (Girls can ride Age below)
Everyone rides 4 events
If less that required number of riders then priority must be given to Team Spirit event.
Teams must nominate two sprinters and remaining rider(s) ride the Team Spirit

Under 16
U16 500m Time Trial (4 riders)
U16 Scratch 8 laps (4 riders)
U16 Team Pursuit (4 riders) 3k
U16 Sprint (2 riders) 2 laps
Team Spirit-Team Sprint (the 2 riders not riding sprint)

Under 14
U14 250m Time Trial (4 riders)
U14 Scratch 5 laps (4 riders)
U14 Team Sprint  (2 Teams x 2 rider teams)
U14 Sprint (2 riders)  1 lap
Team Spirit-Team Sprint (the 2 riders not riding sprint)

Under 12
U12 100m Time Trial (3 riders)
U12 Scratch 3 laps (3 riders)
U12 Flying Lap (3 riders)
U12 Sprint (2 riders) 1 lap
Team Spirit-Team Sprint (rider not riding sprint)

ndividual Events (same for team)
Points 4/3/2/1

Incomplete teams may use substitutes from another province.