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Senior Nationals attendance

This year’s event will be run in accordance with current government guidelines. We cannot allow participants or attendees from county in lockdown, and all participants returning to the island from countries not on on Ireland’s green list must have undertaken two weeks of quarantine.

As this event is being run ‘behind closed doors ‘ we can only allow a maximum of one person extra per rider and that person must have a clearly defined role which can be rider support as manager, coach, mechanic, etc. The number of support personnel per team must not exceed the number of riders, so essentially if a Team of 5 riders has a manager and a coach, they must be linked to a specific rider and the remaining 3 places can be filled by people with other roles.

We request an email to with rider name and name of linked supporter, their role, contact email and contact number so they can be added to the attendee covid contact list.


Hugh Byrne