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Sundrive Update

Final Accreditation : Saturday 8th August <more info>

Session Numbers : We have expanded the number in sessions from 20 to 24 and Derny from 10 to 14 riders in response to demand.

Saturday Sessions : We will no longer be allowing U14 riders to ride the Senior session on saturdays as the is a a purposed designated session for U12/U14/Parents at 12 more alligned with their needs as they approach nationals.

Monday SQT : U14 riders are still welcome at Monday sessions once they understand that the session is pitched at adult level and they must be capable of operating at that level.

Weather : We cancelled League on Wednesday 29th July based on all morning forecasts (and rainfall radar), telling us that it would be heavy rain every hour for the evening. I tracked cloud coming from south but it parked itself just outside Dublin! We are mindful of the fact that riders travel from so far and we did this in their best interest, but no rain came. Going forward we will have our coaches at the track irrespective of weather and leave it up to individuals to assess the weather.

Covid Compliance :
1. We would like to remind riders that social distancing is still required at all time when not riding .
2. Toilets are pre cleaned, and we would like to remind riders washing hands is essential.
3. We are still operating the one way entry/exit system between sessions and riders are required to exit promptly within 10 minutes of session end and we cannot allow the next session to enter until the track is cleared.
4. Rail Hygiene : We clean the rail between sessions and operate a designated rider start stop position within training sessions. Latecomers cause us a problem as we also set up riders in relative speed order and this assists us greatly in how we can run the session.
Session starts promptly on the hour on the rail.