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Summer Track League ( Final Result)

< Table updated after Round 8>

1st: Darragh Lenehan (Navan)
2nd: Katie Reilly (Orwell)
3rd: Patrick Heaney (Navan)
1st: Deirbhle Ivory (Torelli)
2nd: Aoife O’Brien (Lakeside Wheelers)
3rd: Caoimhe O’Brien (Lakesside Wheelers)
1st: Sean Lenehan (Navan)
2nd Paul O’Connell (Usher)
3rd Andrew Ryan (Orwell)
1st David Hearne (Orwell)
2nd Odhran Doogan (Powerhouse)
3rd Joseph Owens (Omagh Wh)
1st Billy Crosbie (Sundrive)
2nd Sean Curtis (Sundrive)
3rd David O’Sullivan (Sports Room)

Best Newcomer :  Darragh Lenehan
Most aggressive:  Katie Reilly
Most improved : James Nealon

Racing Categories
Racing will be loosely broken into 4 categories
A Elite Men, Elite Vets & Elite Women
B Senior Men, Juniors, Top Women
C1 U16, Male Novice, Vets
C2 U14, Women, M60s
D Youth (Note riders will be be subjected to being moved up or down on perceived track ability, A  top Junior could end up riding A, or a novice could be C but the vast majority will be in the B category.)