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Sprinters League Result after 5 Rounds

Next Sprinters League : Wednesday 26th June

<Results and Table after 5 Rounds of the Sundrive Sprinters League>

<Best F200 Times> (updated after Paddy Doran Omnium)

Report Round 5
This weeks League was based on the Team Sprint event, with all riders firstly doing a held start Team Sprint opening half lap, followed by one out of the gate.   We them split teams into twos and threes for Team Sprint with only first two counting towards points. The stipulation was that on the second run teams had to change the order. Hopefully the data recorded will assist clubs in team selection going forward towards the Team Sprint Nationals later in the year.

Report Round 4
We broke the riders into groups of 4 and 3 sorted by F200 times and each rider had of full 2 up 2 laps sprint within their group.  Only one rider gained any bonus points in the F200 but quite a few posted season bests and notably Sean and Poppy were mere 100ths of seconds away from bonus points. Despite sprinting over the full two laps, all sprints were well fought tactically and all riders seemed to be executing plans and definite tactics testament to how far sprinting skills have progressed through our Sprint Leagues. We then divided the riders into 2 groups for a 1 lap h/cap from the fence with Tom just holding off Karl and the limit man Cillian. The second race saw our League Leader John Caffrey narrowly beaten by Dmitro with Oscar 3rd.  Our final race was a mile, and this race ensured the sprinters finished with sore legs with Sean dominating proceedings in this one.

Report Round 3
Racing started with a F200 to rank and grade riders with both Sean Curtis and Karl Bernie recording new best times to get the 5 points bonus, while Caoimhe further bettered her 2024 time to gain an extra 2 points bonus.
Riders were then grouped to create somewhat balanced teams and points allocated on Team Sprint 1 times, also scoring on level of improvement for the second run.  Finally we afforded handicaps based on each teams loosely combined F200 times and we scored teams based on that.

Report Round 2
Racing tonight provided superbly entertaining 3 up sprinting with some well-timed early attacks proving successful and an extra-long range effort from Caoimhe Seymour from over a lap and a half out in the Kilo Dash brought the assembled to their feet only to be caught a metre from the line!  Star of the show tonight was Cillian Owens mixing it and getting the best of top class riders on hire bike gears

Report Round 1
This was quite a difficult day with ‘Storm Kathleen’ very much in evidence and this adversely affected attendance and also making the F200 approach quite difficult. We started with a Flying 200 and ranked riders from that. Points awarded to Top 6. We ran a subsequent F200 and awarded 3 points for improvement, and 2 for participation. I didn’t get an exact time for Eric’s second run but his approach speed was significantly faster and technically the best of the day. It however did take it’s toll and it took him quite some time to recover!  We were very pleased with the debut performance of Cillian Owens (Spellman DP) who took aboard all advice and rode quite well tactically and learned much from his day.  Many thanks to all who braved the elements!