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The Sundrive Velodrome Committee  has scheduled nine dates for accreditation in Dublin for those who wish to get partake in track racing at the Sundrive Velodrome in the coming year.  Three of these opportunities will come before the Summer Track League, with the first opportunity on 22nd February 2020. Accreditation will take place every 3 weeks or so throughout the season affording opportunities to partake in leagues and national competitions.

Gaining accreditation ensures that riders have the basic level of skill required to participate, safely, in training sessions. Riders are required to participate in at least one further full training session subsequent to the accreditation session in order for the coaches to assess their ability. Should the rider attain the required skills standard they will be ‘signed off’ and issued with an accreditation ‘pink slip’.  Once the rider has a ‘pink slip’ they will be allowed to partake in competition.

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New U10/12/U14 riders will be accommodated during the youth Session at 12.30 during the first two weeks of the month at any youth specific session. We will accept new youth riders Feb 22nd, March 7th, March 14th

Accreditation Costs at Sundrive

  • Senior €10 & €5 bike hire
  • Youth/Unwaged €5 & €2 bike hire

Season Training Fees

  • Senior €30 (or €5 per session)
  • Student/Unwaged/ Junior €20 (or €5 per session)
  • Youth U12/U14/U16 €10 (or €3 per session)
  • Family €40
  • Bike hire is charged in excess to above
  • Senior €5 / Unwaged €2

Training for Accredited Riders

  • Every Saturday from early February at 1030 (bike hire 1010 to 1025)
  • Senior / Junior / U16
  • Eamonn Ceannt Stadium, Sundrive Road

Youth Training

  • U10/U12/U14/ Novice U16 Saturdays at 1230 (bike hire 1210 to 1225)
  • Eamonn Ceannt Stadium, Sundrive Road

Please note also that once again this year the accreditation will be a two-stage process. Basic skills and ability to participate in normal track training will be acquired on the scheduled dates below. But all riders will have to partake in at least one further normal training session where they will have to develop those skills and demonstrate their ability to perform them at speed safely before being allowed to race. We have also scheduled a Pre League ‘Introduction to Racing Day’ in April for those who have completed the first two stages of their accreditation in advance of our Summer League

We would urge those who are interested in exploring this aspect of our sport to get involved early in the season. It takes time to develop the skills required and time even for the most able of road riders to do themselves justice on the track and indeed it takes time to be able to do all of this safely. The technical aspects of sprinting and standing starts take longer to master and this is something that most won’t appreciate until they measure themselves against those who have put in the time. We can teach you, but the earlier you come to us – the more you can learn!

We have an extensive fleet of track bikes for hire and very experienced coaches on hand to help you make the transition. All hire bikes are fitted with Look Keo pedals (or toe strap via adapter) and gearing is restricted to 49×16. This gearing is fine for training and developing cadence, but anyone looking to progress in the sport would eventually have to think about getting their own bike. But, as I say, we have hire bikes to help you get up and running.

There are of course benefits to taking in all aspects of our sport and we like to encourage and welcome everyone. Track helps you improve your pedaling, pace judgement, explosive power, seated acceleration and tactical awareness. But most importantly it is technically challenging and fun! Naturally it is those who put in the most time on the track who will excel, especially with the sprint events.

If you want to find out more about events at Sundrive Velodrome please read the FAQ
Pre-registration is required for all Accreditation sessions via email to

Coaching Roster

February 2020
Saturday 22nd : Derny Mark Kiely . Senior & Youth session Ger Ivory / Gwyn O’Murchu,
Senior Accreditation John Coates / Paul Atkinson
Saturday 29th Derny Mark Kiely    Senior session Eddie Lynch / John Coates

March 2020
Saturday 7th Derny Mark Kiely Senior session Hugh Byrne / John Coates, Youth Session Ger Ivory, John Coates
Junior Pursuit Training Hugh Byrne / John Coates