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Stadium Records

Stadium Records. Stadium records are best times set at a particular track or over distances particular to that track and are within the remit of those in charge of that local track., However to be considered as absolute or National Records all above terms relating to Indoor or Outdoor must be adhered to depending on which record is being claimed

Stadium Records Orangefield

Standing Start Lap  396m (Orangefield)

  • 2006 32.46 Mickey Murray
  • 2007 32.19 Rob Watterson
  • 2008 31.14 John Neill (Team Madigan)
  • 2009 30.72 David Neill (Team Madigan) Jun

Flying 200 (Orangefield)

  • 08/06/2008 John Neill (Team Madigan) 13.10
  • 22/08/2011 Eoin Mullen J (Sundrive TC) 12.72

Junior Women 2km Standing Start (Orangefield)

  • 3min 15.68sec – Rachel Withers (Fintona) – 22/08/09 (Standard)
    National Junior Championship, Orangefield

Junior Men 3km Standing Start (Orangefield)

  • 4min 03.59sec – Matthew Adair (Banbridge) – 22/08/09 (Standard)
    National Junior Championship, Orangefield



Stadium Records Sundrive

Flying 200 (Sundrive)
Senior Men       08/07/18  10.58  Juan Peralta Gascon (Mailope TT) ESP
Senior Women 
01/08/20 11.78 Orla Walsh (No Pinz) IRL
Junior Men        24/08/13 11.93 Hugo Brennan (Sundrive)
Junior Women  11/05/19 13.26 Lara  Gillespie (Scott Orwell)
U16 Men              03/06/17 11.936 Arthur Taggart (Sportscity Velo) GBR
U16 Women       15/07/17 13.57 Lara Gillespie (Scott Orwell)

Flying 250m (Sundrive)
Senior Women  
15.287 12/07/2015 Kirstin Wild (Nederlands) NDL
Senior Men       
13.965 11/07/2015 Ro)y Efting (Nederlands)  NDL

Standing Start 500m (Sundrive)
Senior Men        
  34.34sec 17/09/16 Tony Mairs (Arcane CT)
Senior Women    37/.44sec 27/08/17 Robyn Stewart (Billy Bisland Cycles) IRL
Junior Men           34.69sec 24/09/11  Eoin Mullen  (Sundrive)
Junior Women    39.74sec 11/05/19 Clodagh Ni Ghallachoir (AAA Cycling)
U16 Men                 36.05sec 03/06/17  Arthur Taggart (Sportscity Velo) GBR
U16 Women         40.37sec 14/07/18  Caoimhe May (Scott Orwell)

Standing Start Kilo (Sundrive)
Senior Men        
 1.05.577  12/07/15 Cameron Karwowski (New Zealand)  Intl Grand Prix NZL
Junior Men          1.09.68 11/05/19 Aaron Wade ( NRPT) Junior Track C/ship

Individual Pursuit (Sundrive)
Men’s 4km     
    4min 36.74sec 12/07/14 Ryan Mullen (Ireland)
Women’s 3k 
      3min 49.456sec 12/07/15 Caroline Ryan (Ireland)
Junior Men 3k    3min 36.27sec 28/08/13  Dylan Foley (NRPT)
Jun Women 2k    2min 40.07sec  11/05/19  Lara  Gillespie (Scott Orwell)

Team Sprint (Sundrive)
         44.702    03/08/19  Tony Mairs /Harvey Barnes,  Jamie Alexander (East Tyrone CC)
Women 34.73  03/08/19  Robyn Steward / Eimer McMullan (Billy Bisland Cycles)
Junior Women: 38.416 08/08/15 Amy Good, Autumn Collins (Cadence Performance)

Team Pursuit (Sundrive)
Men 4k
4min 38.512 sec (UCD CC)
I Richardson, E Morton, C Murnane, S Jones
Women 3k 3min 59.91sec  31/07/2011 Cunga Track Team
Caroline Ryan, Sinead Jennings, Sarah Piner
Womens 4k 5 min 20.891 11/08/2018 Sundrive Track Team  (National Team Championships)
Deborah Madden, Jenny Neenan, Sofie Loscher, Susie Mitchell

Derny Paced Hour Record
14/09/2016 53.285km Greg Swinard (Rider) / Mark Kiely (Pilot)  116 laps

Hour Record Age 70+
10/06/2017  34.05km Phil Ormrod (IVCA) 74 laps