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Outdoor Records (Women)

Outdoor & Stadium Track Records. Outdoor records set at either Sundrive or Orangefield are within the remit of the Track Commission. These records too must be claimed on the appropriate form and posted to  Hugh Byrne,14 Kirkpatrick Drive, Clonsilla, Dublin 15.
Record attempts must have three stopwatches on them if timed manually, and be observed by an approved commisaire or a member of the Track Commission. As is the case records can be set at any open track meeting or by appointment with prior notice. We will recognise all distances proper to the age category and also stadium specific records, e.g. flying & standing lap for each of he tracks. In the absence of a known and verifiable official outdoor record, we will recognise the best time from recent Nationals as being the standard until either challenged or beaten. <Download Form>

Women’s Team Sprint (Set at Sundrive)

  • 40.53  05/09/09  Perrine Perricart, Cariosa Cullen (Sundrive Track Team)
  • 40.02  04/08/10  Rebecca Harris, Ailbhe.Ivory (Bray Wheelers)
  • 38.06  30/07/11 Caroline Ryan, Sinead Jennings (Cunga Track Team)
  • 37.28  03/08/13 Susie Mitchell, Sarah Gunn  (Sundrive Track Team)
  • 37.18  09/08/14 Susie Mitchell, Sarah Gunn  (Sundrive Track Team)
  • 35.845 08/08/15 Eimear Moran, Michelle Mullen (Sundrive Track Team)
  • 35.284 05/08/17 Robyn Stewart, Autumn Collins (Billy Bisland Cycles)
  • 34.73 03/08/19 Robyn Stewart,  Eimer McMullan (Billy Bisland Cycles)

3km Standing Start Women’s Team Pursuit (Outdoor)

  • 4min30.79sec 17/07/2010 Orwell Wheelers (National Demo Event Sundrive)
    Orla Hendron, Aideen Collard, Andrea Fagan
  • 3min 59.91sec31/-7/2011 Cunga Track Team (National Demo Event Sundrive)
    Caroline Ryan, Sinead Jennings, Sarah Piner

4km Standing Start Club Team Pursuit (Outdoor)

  • 5 min 22.288 05/08/2017  Talent Transfer Team Velofem (National Team Championships)
    Orla Fox, Imogen Cotter, Mia Griffin, Hilary Hughes
  • 5 min 21.630 11/08/2018 Arcane Cycling Team  (National Team Championships)
    Emma Desmond, Gill Haverty, Grace Irvine, Melanie Spath
  • 5 min 20.891 11/08/2018 Sundrive Track Team  (National Team Championships)
    Deborah Madden, Jenny Neenan, Sofie Loscher, Susie Mitchell

Flying 200 Women (Outdoor)

  • 20/08/06 14.17 sec Louise Moriarty
  • 12/08/07 14.01 sec Kate Rudd (Cycleways)
  • 18/07/09 13.25 sec Jennifer O’Reilly (Ravens) Nat Champs Sundrive
  • 25/09/09 13.22 sec Jennifer O’Reilly (Ravens) European Cup,Barcelona
  • 03/09/10 13.21 sec Lydia Boylan (Look Mum no Hands!) Nat Champs
  • 02/09/12 12.92 sec Lydia Boylan (Look Mum no Hands!) Nat Champs
  • 29/08/15 12.905 sec Eimear Moran (Sundrive Track Team) Nat Champs
  • 26/08/17 12.440 sec Robyn Stewart (Billy Bisland) Nat Champs
  • 09/07/18 12.185 sec Robyn Stewart (Billy Bisland) Dublin Track International
  • 18/07/20 11.85 sec Orla Walsh (No Pinz) Sprinters League, Sundrive, Dublin
  • 01/08/20 11.78  sec Orla Walsh (No Pinz) Sprinters League, Sundrive, Dublin
  • 15/08/20 11.66  sec Orla Walsh (No Pinz) Sprinters League, Sundrive, Dublin
  • 23/05/21 11.503 sec Orla Walsh (No Pinz) Bahnen Tournee, Germany

Flying 250m (Omnium)

  • 30/07/2011  17.58s Caroline Ryan (Cunga) 2011 Omnium Demo
  • 13/07/2013 16.50s Caroline Ryan (Garda) 2013 Omnium C/ship
  • 12/07/2015 15.596 Lydia Boylan (Ireland) Dublin International GP

500m Standing Start Women (Outdoor)

  • 41.14sec Kate Rudd (Cycleways) Nat C/ships 2005
    (above is fastest time we could find and will serve as a standard)
  • 19/07/09 39.71sec Joanna Hickey (Usher) Sundrive Nat C/ships 2009
  • 26/09/09 39.64sec Jennifer O’Reilly (Ravens) European Cup, Barcelona
  • 25/07/10 39.22sec Jennifer O’Reilly (Ravens) Sundrive Nat C/ships
  • 25/07/10 39.09sec Joanna Hickey (Usher) Sundrive Nat C/ships 2010
  • 02/09/13 38.55sec Lydia Boylan (Look Mum) Sundrive Nat C/ships 2013
  • 28/09/14 37.991sec Lydia Boylan (Ireland) Grand Prix Prostějov, Czech Republic
  • 27/08/17 37.440sec Robyn Stewart (Billy Bisland) National Champs Sundrive
  • 30/08/20 36.228 Orla Walsh (No Pinz) National Champs Sundrive

3Km Standing Start Women (Outdoor)

  • 4min19.28sec  26/07/08  Lousie Moriarty (UCD) – Nationals Sundrive
  • 4min10.35sec  18/07/09  Caroline Ryan (Garda) – Nationals Sundrive
  • 4min 06.74sec  23/07/10  Jenifer O’Reilly (Ravens) – National Sundrive
  • 3min 59.84sec  23/07/10  Caroline Ryan (Garda) – Nationals Sundrive
  • 3min 57.58sec  31/07/11  Caroline Ryan (Cunga) – Nat Omnium, Sundrive
  • 3min 55.39sec  03/09/11  Ciara Horne (Lakeland) – Nationals Sundrive
  • 3min 49.80sec  03/09/11  Caroline Ryan (Cunga) –  Nationals Sundrive
  • 3min49.456sec12/07/15 Caroline Ryan (Ireland) – Dublin Intl GP
  • 3min49.17sec 18/07/18 Hilary Hughes (VC Eriu) – Nationals Sundrive
  • 3min47.452sec 29/08/20 Kelly Murphy (Storey Racing). Nationals Sundrive