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IVCA Track Championship

2022 IVCA Track Championship


500m TT
1st Matt McCullagh 40.40
2nd Colm Sevastopulo 40.49

1st Matt McCullagh
2nd Colm Sevastopulo

1st Colm Sevastopulo
2nd Matt McCullagh

3k Pursuit
1st Matt McCullagh 3.59.74
2nd Colm Sevastopulo 4.33.29

Scored as Omnium as failed to attract 5 entries
Matt 7 points. Colm 5  points


500m TT
1st Sean Curtis 39.75                      Gold
2nd Andrew Kavanagh 39.82        Silver
3rd Tom Gentleman 40.30             Bronze
4th John Kinahan 43.02
5th Eamonn Byrd 46.12

1st Sean Curtis                                  Gold
2nd Andrew Kavanagh                    Silver
3rd Tom Gentleman                         Bronze
4th John Kinahan
5th Eamonn Byrd

F200 Qualifier
1st Sean Curtis  13.027
2nd Tom Gentleman 13.228
3rd Andrew Kavanagh 13.686
4th John Kinahan 13.763
5th Eamonn Byrd 15.435

QF John Kinahan bt Eamonn Byrd
SF Sean Curtis bt John Kinahan
SF Tom Gentleman bt Andrew Kavanagh

Gold                     Sean Curtis
Silver                    Tom Gentleman              
Bronze                Andrew Kavanagh

2k Pursuit
1st Sean Curtis 2.34.82                  Gold
2nd Andrew Kavanagh 2.52.75     Silver
3rd Eamonn Byrd 3.00.10              Bronze
4th John Kinahan 3.15.74
5th Tom Gentleman DNF


500m TT
1st Paul O’Connell 47.42
2nd Phil Ormrod 48.25
3rd Peter Rice 55.70

1st Phil Ormrod
2nd Paul O’Connell
3rd Peter Rice

1st Paul O’Connell
2nd Phil Ormrod
3rd Peter Rice

2k Pursuit
1st Phil Ormrod 3.33.16
2nd Paul O’Connell 3.36.16
3rd Peter Rice 3.51.01

Scored as Omnium as failed to attract 5 entries
Phil 10 points, Paul 10 points, Peter 4 points  (Phil wins on combined time)