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IVCA Omnium Night (Results)

2022 Sprint Omnium
Tom Gentleman (All Human Velo)            12.81     4pts
Sean Curtis (Sundrive)                                   13.18     3pts
Andrew Kavanagh (IVCA)                             14.06     2pts
Gerry Dollard (Sundrive)                               15.94     1pt
Peter Rice (DWCC)                                         21.50

Standing Half Lap
Peter Rice                                                        28.73

Sprint Matches
Sean bt Gerry            Tom by Andy
Sean bt Andy            Tom bt Gerry
Sean bt Tom             Andy bt Gerry
Sean 12pts (Winner as beat Tom in the head to head)
Tom 12pts
Andrew 7pts
Gerry 4pts


2022 Endurance Omnium

  F200 F200 Pts Scratch Mile Elim Total
Sean Curtis 13.14 3pts 4pts 3pts 4pts 14pts
Tom Gentleman 13.03 4pts   2pts 3pts 9pts
Colm Sevastopulo 13.42 2pts 2pts 4pts   8pts
Eamonn Byrd 15.74   3pts 1pt   4pts
Francis Halsall 13.97 1pt 1pt   1pt 3pts
John Kinahan 14.09       2pts 2pts
M70 F200 F200 Pts Sprint 500m Pts Total
Phil Ormrod 16.96 2pts 2pts 50.39 2pts 6pts
Peter Rice 17.36 1pt 1pt 52.42 1pt 3pts