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2022 Signing in to Sundrive Sessions & Leagues (Public or Private)

There is a two step process to signing in for Leagues & Training Sessions
Step 1 (below) is to register for session or league night
Step 2 is Payment

Step 1
(This is how you sign in to a session – Public , League or Club)
It is not good practice to leave this to your coach and you cannot sign in retrospectively.
For coached sessions, or Leagues then move to payment in Step 2.

Step 2A Payment for Leagues & Public Coached Sessions
Cost per Public Coached session is 5€ for youth/senior/ junior.
Bike hire for Senior riders is an extra €5. (Bike hire for youth is already included)
Wednesday League €4 / Sprinters League 9€ (2022 Link)

Step 2B Facility Fee : All senior/junior riders and coaches sessions are liable for the 10€ annual facility fee.  There is not facility fee for U12/U14/U16 (2022 Link)

Step 3 : Bike Hire :
If bike hire is required please email to tell us the size and we will have it ready. Regular riders need not do this is as we have your size posted on our whiteboard. You must collect your bike 15 minutes before the session.

Entry to session will be via double gate and use path between the courts and playground.

Arrive ten minutes before session.
Riders will be on the fence at 0800/1000/1200
Sessions will finish after 90 minutes.
Riders must have exited velodrome within 10 minutes

Arrive with your bike ready to go!

Step 4
Please read the covid questionaire below
Self Assessment Covid-19 Questionaire