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Senior Training @ Sundrive

We are pleased to announce that Senior Training can resume at Sundrive from Monday 10th May when the 20km travel limit will also be lifted. We are limited for now to 15 in a session, as is the case for Youth and Junior which resumed on May 1st.

The first Saturday of the new easing will be Sat 15th May and we will be running a busy day with Derny at 8, Senior (incl Jun & U16) at 10am and Youth U12/U14 at 12 and our first Accreditation at 2pm. Details of how to book in sessions via the CI covid tracking app and how to pay appear in this site.

All sessions are listed on the calendar on but sessions only appear on the booking app from midnight of the Sunday starting the week.

Step 1
(This is what actually books the session and must be completed before payment!)

Step 2
Payment : Cost per session is 5€ for youth/senior/ junior.
Bike hire for Senior riders is an extra €5.
All senior/junior riders and coaches attending public or private sessions are liable for the 10€ annual facility fee.

Step 3 (if required)
(Bike Hire) : We require an email if you wish to hire a bike to and we will have it ready. Please specify size if possible 52/54/56/58. Cost of hire is €5 (seniors). Youth hire is included in session fee. Bike hire twenty minutes before session. If you are registered and have your own bike, please assemble at double gate ten minutes before session. Sessions will start promptly on the hour.

Entry to session will be via double gate and use path between the courts and playground.

Arrive ten minutes before session.
Riders will be on the fence at 0800/1000/1200
Sessions will finish after 90 minutes.
Riders must have exited velodrome within 10 minutes

Arrive with your bike ready to go!

Step 4
Please read the covid questionaire below
Self Assessment Covid-19 Questionaire