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Electronic Timing Course

Venue : Sundrive Velodrome
This course is aimed at the 4 volunteers who want to become electronic track timekeepers. Obviously if others are interested lets try and get them here but the main aim is to facilitate those 4.

The course will involve:-
Deciding what equipment is required for each timed track discipline.
Learning how to set up and wire the track for each discipline.
How to use an electronic timing computer for each timed track event.
How to create results for the race secretary.
Learn how to deal with problems.

The course will involve setting up in the clubhouse and learning the basics of each machine.
The participants will be required to attend either of the 2 first events of the year as assistant timekeepers to complete their training. It’s important that they attend regularly throughout the season so they can become familiar with the process. As they gain confidence they will be shadowed by the timekeepers on events until the timekeeper feels the can take charge.


Terry Cromer

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