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Sprinters League : Saturday 17th August 2pm

After an open track for warm-up for 20 mins, we will start proceedings with a 200m TT.  It’s the friendliest league you’ll ever race. It’s all about raising the standard of sprinting and introducing more riders to the discipline. There’ll be plenty of advice and help for all those with questions.

<Details and Results of Round 1/2/3/4/5>

(Round 1) Saturday 30th March 2pm
(Round 2) Saturday 13th April 2pm
(Fri 19th/Mon 22nd Racing in UK)
(Round 3) Saturday 04th May 2pm
Sat 1st June Duane Delaney TGP)
(Round 4) Saturday 08th June 2pm
(Round 5) Saturday 22nd June 2pm
(Round 6) Saturday 27th July 2pm
(Sat 3rd August Team Sprint /Keirin C/ships)
(Round 7 )Saturday 17th August2pm