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Madison Training (Sat 4th 4pm)

Rescheduled session as Monday rained off
Final Madison Training Session now Saturday 4th August at 4pm


Madison Training Session
Monday 30th July 1830 Sign on : Session 1915 to 2100

Senior / Junior Accredited riders
Training for experienced and novice madison riders.
€5 (or season fees apply)
Bring a prospective partner if possible.

These sessions are ideal for working on fitness, skill and speed and I would recommend attendance even if you don’t intend riding madison nationals

It will take a minimum of  2sessions to be allowed to ride Madison National Event

<Updated Madison Training /Accreditation list>  Updated  5th August 2018

Please note that this years Madison will carry medals but is still at Demonstration level as although we did field enough teams last year, it wasn’t accepted as some teams were composites. Hence this year, and going forward, both riders must be from the same club but can be Senior/Masters/Junior. All riders must be passed competent at scheduled Madison training apart from those who have raced internationally