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Sundrive Endurance League Wk 3

<Race Results and Table after Week 3>

Endurance League Week 3 Report
This weeks event included the customary Scratch opening race, followed by the Kilo Dash, Devil and finally s Hare & Hound handicap. As always the category you ride in can be a fluid thing based on entry levels on the night as we continually strive to get the balance right on each night and this was certainly achieved this week with 8 different winners from the 10 races over the three categories and the introduction of new riders certainly livened things up. We would encourage more riders of all abilities to ride our leagues as bigger fields make for more exciting closer racing and we can see the progression in skill and speed in our regular attendees.

We will continue to alternate Wednesdays between Sprint League and Endurance League with our next Sprinters League on Wednesday 29th May and Week 4 of our Endurance League the following week on Wednesday June 5th.

Also a reminder that application for entry to the Dublin Track International closing time for entries is 22:00 GMT+0 on Thursday 30th May 2024.

Endurance League Week 1 Report
Week 1 of the Endurance Track League was a fiercely contested affair with three categories A/B/C and each having 4 races – Scratch, Reverse Win and Out, Mile and Hare & Hound. Racing started at 7pm and we managed to get the full program of races done with the limited daylight. We had some riders working hard training efforts to within the races which gave reality to the efforts but just made it even harder for everyone else! The standard of riding was quite high with very entertaining racing for the organizers. The races are short enough to suit specialist Sprinters and we would encourage more of the to attend the Endurance League , just as many Endurance Riders throw their hat into the ring for the Sprint League.

Racing is Open to accredited riders from U14 upwards.