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Leinster Track Championship (Result)

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2023 Leinster Track Championship

     Time TOrderScratch
BenjaminCunninghamMaleOrwell Wheelers CCMU1026.3212
CadenByrneMaleCarlow RCCMU1027.0034
ConorWhelanMaleBohermeen CCMU1026.5521
OlehKopiskeMaleSundrive Track TeamMU1027.8643
EdithFrainFemaleOrwell Wheelers CCFU1032.7911
EveChapmanFemaleSundrive Track TeamFU12DNS DNS
ToriMc DonnellFemaleSundrive Track TeamFU1227.2511
ConnorSynnottMaleOrwell Wheelers CCMU1226.5045
FinnDoranMaleUn-Attached LeinsterMU1228.2166
JamesCunninghamMaleOrwell Wheelers CCMU1222.8811
NoahByrneMaleCarlow RCCMU1226.8454
OleksandrPetrashMaleSundrive Track TeamMU1230.5777
SenanTraynorMaleBohermeen CCMU1224.6732
WilliamHanceMaleOrwell Wheelers CCMU12DNS DNS
XanderHueleMaleOrwell Wheelers CCMU1223.5623
NaoiseByrneFemaieCarlow RCCFU1424.0922
YsabellaHueleFemaleOrwell Wheelers CCFU1423.7511
CianEnglishMaleBohermeen CCMU1424.3843
ConorReganMaleKilcullen Cycling ClubMU14DNS DNS
OscarSevastopuloMaleSundrive Track TeamMU1422.2711
ShaneWhelanMaleKilcullen Cycling ClubMU1422.4322
TadhgRobertsMaleKilcullen Cycling ClubMU1422.8334
AineReillyFemaleOrwell Wheelers CCFU1645.7911
EmilyFrainFemaleOrwell Wheelers CCFU1647.1223
SophieEnglishFemaleBohermeen CCFU1647.4132
CillianOwensMaleBohermeen CCMU1639.3831
GeorgeSevastopuloMaleSundrive Track TeamMU1638.9612
JamieByrneMaleCarlow RCCMU1642.6244
KarlBernieMaleNavan Road ClubMU1639.1923
NiallBrowneMaleDrogheda WheelersMU16DNS DNS
AineMac CarthyFemaleSorrento CCFSENDNS DNS
DeirbhleIvoryFemaleLongcourt Hotel – NCWFSEN39.9211
RóisínKennedyFemaleArcane Cycling TeamFSENDNS DNS
SusieMitchellFemaleSundrive Track TeamFSEN42.2222
VanessaMulhallFemaleArcane Cycling TeamFSEN48.2533
AndrewKavanaghMaleSundrive Track TeamM5039.8121
JohnCaffreyMaleSundrive Track TeamM5037.4312
PaulEnglishMaleBohermeen CCM5047.2833
MatthewMc CullaghMaleSundrive Track TeamM40DNS2
DanielMc ElroyMaleOrwell Wheelers CCM40DNS DNS
RichardGrantMaleSundrive Track TeamM4041.9711
AlanMorrisseyMaleCallan Cycling ClubM40DNS DNS
RobertMurphyMaleSundrive Track TeamM40DNS DNS
DavidWhelanMaleAshbourne Wheelers CCM4043.6123
EvanBernieMaleNavan Road ClubMJUN37.871DNF
AdamCullenMaleBarrow WheelersMJUN39.9841
DavidHarringtonMaleOrwell Wheelers CCMJUNDNS DNS
ChristopherMarshallMaleUn-Attached LeinsterMJUN38.5922
CallumByrneMaleNavan Road ClubMJUN39.7033
CallumO TooleMaleOrwell Wheelers CCMSEN36.7828
DavidSwiftMaleSt Tiernans Cycling ClubMSENDNS DNS
DeividasDvylaitisMaleSundrive Track TeamMSEN37.313DNF
DmitroGriffinMaleOrwell Wheelers CCMSEN37.7044
EricGasparroMaleSpellman-Dublin PortMSEN36.4615
FionnSheridanMaleOrwell Wheelers CCMSEN37.8553
LukeBernieMaleNavan Road ClubMSEN39.5086
RyanByrneMaleSpin the BeanMSEN38.4362
SeanLenehanMaleSpellman-Dublin PortMSEN38.6771

Due to an adverse weather forecast we are forced to move our event to the following day and this event will now take place on Sunday 01st October.

**Now moved to Sunday 01st October**
Eamonn Ceannt Stadium
Please join us for our final event of the year and our end of season celebration!

There will be a Standing Start TT and Scratch Race for all Categories from U10 to M60.

Categories U10/U12/U14 (Separate Races for boys and girls) 250m TT & Scratch
Categories U16/Jun/Women, Senior Men, M40, M50, M60 500m TT and Scratch

0900 – 0940 Track Open for Senior.U16 warm up (No other youth permitted on track at this time)
0940 – 1000 U10/U12/U14 Warm up.
10.10 250m TT (U10 / U12/ U14) Boys first
10.40 500m TT (U16 Boys , U16 Girls, Women, Junior Men, M60, M50, M40, Senior)
12.00 Scratch Races (same Order)
1300 League Presentations
1310 Leinster Presentations

Entry Fee €15

We will also be presenting prizes and medal for both our Sprint and Endurance Leagues. Top 6 in each and also Best Newcomer, Most Improved and Most Aggressive.

Licence holders satisfying one of the following criteria:
(a) Belonging to a club / team based in the Province;
(b) Unattached and resident in the Province;
(c) Residency in the Province;
(d) Belonging to a club / team based outside Ireland but,
1) Immediate past address was in the Province or
2) Most previous Irish club / team was based in the Province.
may compete in the Provincial Championships notwithstanding a rider may only compete in one set of
Provincial Championships in any one season.
One set of Provincial Championships includes all disciplines for any calendar year.