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Junior Track C/ship (Result)

Junior Track Championships Schedule (approx.)


Please show consideration for residents.
Do not park on double yellow lines, footpaths or block driveways.
There is also parking on the Sundrive Road side of the park.
We will not be allowing cars into the park to unload.
Do not leave bikes in unattended vehicles.

Race Numbers
Please used you Cycling Ireland Race number worn on left hand side of torso.

Open Track 0900 – 0950

First Rider off at 10am

Full approximated schedule below
Flying 200  Junior Women (6 riders)
Flying 200  Junior Men (7 riders)
Sprint Quarters Junior Women (1 Round)
Sprint Quarters  Junior Men (1 Round)

Junior Women 2k Pursuit (6 riders)
Junior Men 3k Pursuit (7 riders)

Junior Women Semi 1 Heat 1
Junior Women Semi 2 Heat 1
Junior Men Semi 1 Heat 1
Junior Men Semi 2 Heat 1
Junior Women Semi 1 Heat 2
Junior Women Semi 2 Heat 2
Junior Men Semi 1 Heat 2
Junior Men Semi 2 Heat 2
(Heat 3 if needed)

Lunch   1300 to 1330

Pursuit Finals    Junior Women    Bronze/Gold (15 min)
Pursuit Finals    Junior Men         Bronze/Gold (15 min)

Junior Women 500m TT   (6 riders)
Junior Men Kilo TT (7 riders)

Junior Women Scratch 7.5k (16 Laps) (6 riders)
Junior Men Scratch 10k (22 Laps) (8 riders)

Sprint Bronze              Junior Women Heat 1
Sprint Gold/Silver        Junior Women Heat 1
Sprint Bronze              Junior  Men Heat 1
Sprint Gold/Silver        Junior  Men Heat 1
Sprint Bronze              Junior Women Heat 2
Sprint Gold/Silver        Junior Women Heat 2
Sprint Bronze              Junior  Men Heat 2
Sprint Gold/Silver        Junior  Men Heat 2

Junior Men 1km TT  (7)AdamCullenBarrow Wheelers
Junior Men 1km TTCalTuttyDungarvan CC
Junior Men 1km TTCallumByrneNavan Road Club
Junior Men 1km TTDavidHarringtonOrwell Wheelers CC
Junior Men 1km TTEoghanLattimoreDungarvan CC
Junior Men 1km TTEvanBernieNavan Road Club
Junior Men 1km TTOisinFerrityTeam Caldwell Cycles
Junior Men 3k Pursuit (7)AdamCullenBarrow Wheelers
Junior Men 3k PursuitCalTuttyDungarvan CC
Junior Men 3k PursuitCallumByrneNavan Road Club
Junior Men 3k PursuitDavidHarringtonOrwell Wheelers CC
Junior Men 3k PursuitEoghanLattimoreDungarvan CC
Junior Men 3k PursuitEvanBernieNavan Road Club
Junior Men 3k PursuitOisinFerrityTeam Caldwell Cycles
Junior Men Scratch (8)CalTuttyDungarvan CC
Junior Men ScratchCallumByrneNavan Road Club
Junior Men ScratchChristopherMarshallMolenspurters
Junior Men ScratchDavidHarringtonOrwell Wheelers CC
Junior Men ScratchEoghanLattimoreDungarvan CC
Junior Men ScratchEvanBernieNavan Road Club
Junior Men ScratchMatthewKeaneNavan Road Club
Junior Men ScratchOisinFerrityTeam Caldwell Cycles
Junior Men Sprint (7)CallumByrneNavan Road Club
Junior Men SprintChristopherMarshallMolenspurters
Junior Men SprintDavidHarringtonOrwell Wheelers CC
Junior Men SprintEoghanLattimoreDungarvan CC
Junior Men SprintEvanBernieNavan Road Club
Junior Men SprintMatthewKeaneNavan Road Club
Junior Men SprintOisinFerrityTeam Caldwell Cycles
Junior Women 2k PursuitAimeeDicksonUnatt
Junior Women 2k PursuitCaoimheSeymourBray Wheelers
Junior Women 2k PursuitLucyBrownPhoenix CC
Junior Women 2k PursuitShaunaFinnArcane Cycling Team
Junior Women 2k PursuitZoeLindsayTC Racing
Junior Women 2k PursuitZoeShakespeareTC Racing
Junior Women 500m TTAimeeDicksonUnatt
Junior Women 500m TTCaoimheSeymourBray Wheelers
Junior Women 500m TTLucyBrownPhoenix CC
Junior Women 500m TTShaunaFinnArcane Cycling Team
Junior Women 500m TTZoeLindsayTC Racing
Junior Women 500m TTZoeShakespeareTC Racing
Junior Women ScratchAimeeDicksonUnatt.
Junior Women ScratchCaoimheSeymourBray Wheelers
Junior Women ScratchLucyBrownPhoenix CC
Junior Women ScratchShaunaFinnArcane Cycling Team
Junior Women ScratchZoeLindsayTC Racing
Junior Women ScratchZoeShakespeareTC Racing
Junior Women SprintAimeeDicksonUnatt
Junior Women SprintCaoimheSeymourBray Wheelers
Junior Women SprintLucyBrownPhoenix CC
Junior Women SprintShaunaFinnArcane Cycling Team
Junior Women SprintZoeLindsayTC Racing
Junior Women SprintZoeShakespeareTC Racing