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Senior SQT (Gearing 49×16) Session Added

May 13 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Monday Night Training
Bike Hire 1800-1820
Session 1830 to 2000
**All riders must be on the fence ready to roll at 1830**
Licence & Track Accreditation Required – Season Fees Apply

Coaches : Hugh Byrne / John Coates

First 3 weeks recommended gear is same as hire bikes – 49 x 16


Week 1 Session

Gear 49×16 (82 Inches)  ‘Out of Saddle & Rev outs’


Warm Up (20 minutes) 1830-1850
Two Groups if possible
5 Min in Pairs
5 Min Single on Blue
6 laps on Race line

3 abreast Laps out of Saddle (20 minutes) 1850-1910
I lap out of saddle – 1 lap seated
2 laps out of saddle –  2 laps seated
2 laps out of saddle –  2 laps seated
I lap out of saddle – 1 lap seated
Controlled – not racing – maintain cadence -
Works best in a low gear.
Working on Confidence & Rhythm  out of the saddle


Revouts x 6 (20 minutes) 1910-1930
Off top banking  – First few strokes out of saddle
Riders 20m apart in groups of no more than 10.
No overtaking –individual effort, but line up in order of speed
Abilities spread evenly over all groups
This will work best if all riders ride at the top , and 10 go and over next lap next group spread out
with aim of group doing the  effort to get lined back up on the back
Effort To Pursuit line only

Single Lap off top banking  x 2 (or 3) (20 minutes) 1930-1950
6 at a time off the front of a very slowly moving group riding at top
(Flying 500m)
To Pursuit line
This will show the limit of attacking far out in a small gear!!

Warm Down (10 minutes) 1950-2000

Snake (in and out of the saddle)
Skill and awareness


May 13, 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Hugh Byrne


Sundrive Velodrome