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2016 Leinster Championship

Entry for Leinster Track Championship
Saturday 17th Sept 2016

Entries before midnight 11th Sept please

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I would like to enter the following Events:-

Under 12: 100 metre TT Scratch 

Under 14: 250 metre TT Scratch 

Under 16: 500 metre TT Scratch 
(Note separate events for youth boys/girls)

Junior: 500 TT Women 500 TT Men Scratch Women Scratch Men 

Senior: 500 TT Women 500 TT Men Scratch Race Women Scratch Race Men 

Vets:500 TT Vet Scratch Race Vet 


To assist us in doing the initial 'seedings' please submit your best 500m time (or 250/100 as appropriate)

Personal Best 500m