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Extra (Final) Accreditation

We are fast approaching the end of our season at Sundrive, but to facilitate late season interest we will run one final Accreditation session on Saturday 17th September at 12 noon and to riders an opportunity to complete the process on October 1st. This session is for Senior and/or Youth.

This is leave you in the driving seat and ready to get involved straight away when we resume training in February and ready to race when our league resume at the end of April.

We will also give you pointers as to what training over the winter will make you track ready for 2023!

PS If you haven’t got the time or drive to train, or you are not willing to do repeated hard efforts – then Track is not for you. Nor this is not something road riders should only do when there is nothing to do on the road but if you do put in the effort we will teach you to sprint more efficiently, ride smoother, pedal faster and ultimately you won’t just become a decent track rider but it will greatly improve your performances on the road .