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Track is back!!

Training and Accreditation : We are back in action for 2020 season at the Sundrive Velodrome on Saturday 15th February with training for ‘Accredited Seniors’ (incl Vets/U16) at 10 each Saturday with a youth session with sign on at 12. The first of our Accreditation sessions will take place on Saturday 22nd February at 2pm (pre-registration required) and these will run every 3 weeks or so up to mid August <details>.

We once again have a full schedule of National Championships details of which can be found on the calendar on Our season opener, the Duane Delaney has been pushed back to May 16th to avoid a clash with the Fermanagh Women’s 3-Day and to facilitate full participation from those who would like to enter both these events. We would hope to have two categories of female rider in the event in addition to 3 categories of male riders based on track ability and experience.

Sundrive Leagues : Our Sundrive Track Leagues have reverted to the more familiar format with two six week leagues, and in addition to that we have 3 stand alone omnium nights at the end of each month to provide opportunities for longer races and would be run in the Olympic Omnium format for male and female riders.

We have introduced a new adaptive and colour coded calendar on our website which presents differently on phones and laptops but makes it easier to keep up to-date on upcoming events.

Training Fees : Cost of Saturday Training sessions is 5€ (3€ youth/unwaged) with bike hire available. You can also avail of a season fee of 30€ (Senior), €20 (Junior), €10 (youth) and this would cover Monday SQTs also.

Facility Fee: *** This year the facility fee will be payable online.***
This will be €10 and Senior/Junior riders and coaches, are asked to pay this irrespective of whether you come to public or private sessions. This is your contribution to the running and upkeep of the facility.
Link to Payment of Facility Fee

This website will be the medium through which all details regarding training, leagues, national events, results etc will be published and this will be reflected in the associated Facebook pages. Answers to most questions can be found in our FAQ section on this website and one our Accreditation page. Please also keep an eye on the following FB pages.

Track Commission Facebook
Sundrive Track League Facebook
Irish Track Cycling Sprinters Facebook (incl information on Sprinters League)
Women’s Cycling Ireland Facebook (Road and Track)