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Monday SQT (Week 8 -July 23rd)

Monday Youth Training (1800-1900)
Accredited U10/U12/U14
Sign on and bike Hire 1730 to 1750
Session 1800 – 1900
Season Fees Apply    - No new riders on Mondays

Monday Senior SQT (1915-2045)
Now that we are in June Senior SQT starts at later time of 19.15 as it is preceeded by a youth session.
You must be on the fence ready to roll at 19.15

Bike Hire 18.50 to 19.05
Session  19.15 to 20.45

**All riders must be on the fence ready to roll at 19.15**
Licence & Track Accreditation Required – Season Fees Apply

Coaches : Hugh Byrne / John Coates

Week 9  Session

Gear – Pursuit or Kilo Race Gear (TT Bars Welcome)

Warm Up (20 minutes) 1915-1935
Two Groups if possible
5 Min in Pairs
5 Min Single on Blue
6 laps on Race line

  (Pursuit Pacing)
Looking for brisk laps and even 2nd lap
Flying  1 Lap Effort –  Two lap lead in (Pursuit Pace)
Flying  2 Lap Effort –  Two lap lead in (Pursuit Pace)
Flying 3 Lap Effort  – Two lap lead in (Pursuit Pace)
Flying 2 Lap Effort –  Two lap lead in (Pursuit Pace)
Flying 1 Lap Effort –  One lap lead in (As fast as you can go!!)

First group lead in on blue, build speed over lap and launch from big gate to start on pursuit line.
Group two ride at fence until Group 1 start efforts – then move to blue
Intersperse the 4 x 700 efforts into the endurance efforts but sprints come off the track between efforts. Endurance riders keep rolling for duration of session


Sprint (Kilo)
Two lap lead in  (One lap very easy – next lap building like flying 200)
1 x Flying Lap  – 3 x 700m Flying efforts – 1 x Flying Lap
Coming off banking  to middle of top bend  – exit bend 2 at max kilo speed
Timed Finish line to Finish line (last 460m of effort)
Estimated Kilo time is twice that time plus 10 seconds
Sit on grass between efforts


15 min Warm Up – focus on height during changes in bankings .  V Change
5 x efforts off banking progressing in intensity.
5 x slalom with cones 10m apart – moderate speed
5 x side by side sprints – ¾ length of straight from rolling start
Win by a wheel – start a wheel in arrears