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Monday SQT (Week 14 – September 10th)


Monday Youth Training (1715 to 1815)
Accredited U10/U12/U14
Sign on and bike Hire 1700 to 1710
Earlier time of session Session 1715 – 1815
Season Fees Apply    - No new riders on Mondays

Monday Senior SQT (1830-2000)
For final two Mondays the Senior SQT starts at earlier time of 18.30 as we are quickly using daylight

Bike Hire 18.50 to 19.05
Session  19.15 to 20.45

**All riders must be on the fence ready to roll at 1830**
Licence & Track Accreditation Required – Season Fees Apply

Coaches : Hugh Byrne / John Coates

Week 14
‘Bunch Race Skills’
‘Pre Leinster / Pre Orwell Omnium’

Warm up
2 Groups

5 Minutes in pairs on the Blue
5 Minutes single on the Blue
5 Laps on White (Controllled)

4 groups on White – changing every half lap but maintaining distance.
Emphasis on smooth changes

(a) Two groups at a time of 6 -8 riders of matched ability with faster riders chasing
8 Laps – Hare & Hound – Finished when catch is made.
Best not to go hard too early!!!

(b) Controlled Pace Training Race
8 -10 laps – (half up and over)

Half Pace – Elimination Race (after instruction)

(Interspersed between training races)
Held Starts on Grass – 5 at a time
Emphasis on count – up on 2 etc