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Commissaires Appointments 2018


Event Venue Date Appointment
Junior Track Champs Sundrive Road 21-Apr 1)Henry Whitson
2) Terry Cromer
Duane Delaney Sundrive Road 2nd June 1)Paul Watson*
2)John Moran*On-site refresh, all available comms to attend
Track Omnium Sundrive Road 16-Jun 1)Jack Watson
2)Ronan Ryan
3)Melisande Reade
4) Alec Darragh
International GP Sundrive Road 7 & 8 -July 1)UCI appointed
2)Paul Watson
3)Jack Watson
4)John Moran
5)Melisande Reade
6)Henry Whitson
Youth Track Champs Sundrive Road 14-July 1)Hugh Byrne
2)Fionn Sheridan
3) John Moran
Senior Team Sprint/Team Pursuit/Keirin Champs Sundrive Road 11-Aug 1)Terry Cromer
2)Ronan Ryan
3)Melisande Reade
4)Hugh Byrne
Senior Track Champs (2-Day) Sundrive Road 25 & 26-August 1)Paul Watson
2) Jack Watson
3)John Moran
4)Alec Darragh
5)Henry Whitson
6)Terry Cromer
Masters Track Champs Sundrive Road 15-Sep 1)Fionn Sheridan
2)Alec Darragh
3)Melisande Reade
4)Anthony Mitchell
Leinster Track Champs Sundrive Road 23  -Sep 1) Henry Whitson
2) Hugh Byrne