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2017 Duane Delaney TGP (Result)

Duane Delaney 2017  Sat 3rd June 2017

 Overall Result
1. Autumn Collins (Torelli) / Robert Deegan (Arcane)       32 points
2. Chris Donald U16               (Team Madigan)                      28 points
3. Thomas Pickford (U16       (Sundrive Track Team)          28 points
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Sign on 09:00 to 09:30
Open Track 0930– 10.10
First event 10.15
Order : W / A / B / C

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Entry fee €10      Open to U16 / Junior / Senior / Master / Male / Female  Accredited Track Riders
Entry closed midnight Wed 31st May.

We are happy to have a committed sponsor for this event for the next 3 years and we are grateful to Finglas Ravens for bringing this event to the track and supporting it for the past ten years . Over that period of time the format has evolved and the name has come to stand for something, and our new sponsor wishes to perpetuate those values and this Track Grand Prix will continue to be run under his name.
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“Duane joined Finglas Ravens in the late 80s. He was a very honest rider and loved bike racing. Every race he rode he gave it his best. Never got annoyed, always had a smile and a joke after the race no matter how hard it was. The damp weather in Ireland used to affect his breathing so he decided to head off to Australia where his father Tony was from. He joined Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club and made great progress on the track in particular. Duane had just turned 30 (1997) and was cycling home from a race with his team mates when he was involved in a serious road traffic accident.  He was in intensive care for eight days and never regained consciousness. He was a big loss to the club and of course his family. There was a mass service for him in Australia and he was brought home. He is buried out in Dardistown along with his mother who passed away in 2013. This race run in his honour, reflects his sense of fair play and encouragement to all and is unique in that overall honours goes to the rider who excels within his class irrespective of category.”
Berni McCormack (Finglas Ravens)

Sign on 09:00 to 09:30
Open Track 0930– 10.10
First event 10.15

* Please note that riders may be subjected to regrade pending results of Flying 200.
A : Elite   B : Intermediate  C: Development
Racing will run in Order of Ladies/A/B/C

Group numbers may be equalised based on F200 times


This will once again be a multi event Omnium with riders categorized based on standards applied to the Sundrive League and is open to Senior/Vet/ Junior and experienced U16.

All riders must be licensed and track accredited.

Riders will be split into A/B/C categories based on track ability and following category currently riding at our track Sundrive Track League.

We reserve the right to move riders up or down if required to ensure competitive numbers within each section and we further reserve the right to regrade a rider if after the 200TT we find a rider to be inappropriately graded.

We will also run with a Ladies Category subject to receiving a minimum entry level. 

Prizes to 1st 3 in each Category, with the Overall Prize to the rider amassing the most points irrespective of category.

(1) Flying 200 TT
(2) Mile (Max 10 per Heat)
(3) Scratch Race (A 14 laps – B 12 laps – C 10 laps  , W 10 laps)
And final event for top 8 in each category only
(4) Standing Start 500m TT

* Please note that numbers may be equalised across groups to ensure all have an equal chance and to work within minimum and maximum numbers on a per race basis

Scoring System
8 points for 1st, down to 1point for 8th.
Riders must compete in all events.
Winner to rider with most points

Entry now closed

  Firstname Surname Category   Clubname
293 Aaron Wade U16 A Lakeside Wheelers
294 Aidan Reade M40 A Black Rose Racing
295 Andre Grennell SENIOR A Arcane Cycling Team
296 Arthur Taggart U16 A Sportscity Velo
297 Brendan Whelan M40 A Arcane Cycling Team
298 Conor Murnane SENIOR A UCD CC
299 Daniel McElroy SENIOR A Scott Orwell
300 Darragh Zaidan SENIOR A Arcane Cycling Team
301 David Mullin M40 A Sundrive Track Team
302 David Swift SENIOR A Scott Orwell Wheelers CC
303 David O’Sullivan U16 A Moynalty CC
304 John Caffrey M40 A Lucan CRT
305 Oisin Hogan SENIOR A Sundrive Track Team
306 Philip Bremner SENIOR A Lakeland
307 Ronan Sherman SENIOR A Sundrive Track Team
308 Sam Gilmore SENIOR A Arcane Cycling Team
309 Simon Jones SENIOR A UCD CC
310 Xeno Young JUN A Powerhouse Sports
311 Christopher Hewings M40 B Sundrive Track Team
312 Francis Halsall SENIOR B St Tiernans
313 Gerry Dollard SENIOR B Sundrive Track Team
314 Kyle Crotty SENIOR B Arcane Cycling Team
315 Liam Collins M40 B Arcane Cycling Team
316 Malcolm McKechnie M40 B Ards CC
317 Marc O’Brien SENIOR B Arcane Cycling Team
318 Mark Stewart SENIOR B Sundrive Track Team
319 Oliver Smith SENIOR B Limerick Cycling Club
320 Robert Deegan SENIOR B Arcane Cycling Team
321 Robert Murphy SENIOR B Sundrive Track Team
322 Ross Collins SENIOR B McNally Swords CC
333 Thomas Kabs M40 B Sundrive Track Team
334 Alan Galbraith M50 C Sundrive Track Team
335 Brian Coonan M40 C Naas CC
336 Christopher Donald U16 C Team Madigan
337 Christopher Neill U16 C Shimna Wheelers
338 Ciaran Dixon U16 C Phoenix CC
339 Craig McShane U16 C Black Rose
340 Joe Grennell M60 C Arcane Cycling Team
341 Neil McShane M40 C Black Rose
342 Padraic Doolan U16 C Acorn CC
343 Paul Atkinson M50 C McNally Swords CC
344 Paul Tierney M40 C Scott Orwell Wheelers CC
346 Paul O’Connell M60 C USHER IRC
347 Robert Kiely JUN C Sundrive Track Team
349 Thomas Pickford U16 C Sundrive Track Team
21 Anne Coleman SENIOR W Lucan Cycling Road Club
22 Autumn Collins SENIOR W Team Torelli
23 Clodagh Gallagher U16 W AAA CC
24 Deirbhle Ivory SENIOR W TC Racing
25 Eva Brennan U16 W Deenside Wh
26 Gill Haverty SENIOR W Arcane Cycling Team
27 Grace Irvine SENIOR W Arcane Cycling Team
28 Hannah Tilly U16 W Scott Orwell
29 Lyndsey Bryce SENIOR W Dublin Wheelers
30 Millie Reade SENIOR W Black Rose Racing
31 Naoise Sheridan SENIOR W Scott Orwell
32 Noreen Mallon SENIOR W Arcane Cycling Team
33 Orla Harrisson JUN W TC Racing
34 Róisín Kennedy SENIOR W Arcane Cycling Team
35 Sofie Loscher SENIOR W Sundrive Track Team
36 Susan Fagan SENIOR W Clontarf Cycling Club
37 Caoimhe O’Brien U16 W Lakeside Wheelers



Group numbers may be equalised based on F200 times