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Monday SQTs

Sundrive Monday Night Training
Starts Monday  8th May for Senior/U16 Accredited Track Riders.
Season Fees Apply.
For May sessions Bike Hire & Sign on 1800-1820 with Session 1830 to 2000.
After May there will be a youth session prior to the Senior SQT, so times will push forward slightly.
Session starts ‘on the fence’ at 1830 with a 15 minute warm up.
Sessions run on a tight schedule so don’t be late!!!

For the first 4 weeks the recommended gearing is same as hire bikes.
Subsequent sessions may have Races Gearing or Race Gearing + 6 inches but no problem if you are on a hire bike as riders will be grouped by ability/gearing for the exercises.  To get the best out of the session it would be best if you follow the gear recommendations if you have your own bike. Please adhere to the advertised bike hire times and if you wander into the track at the start time –you are late!!!

Sessions will be posted on web on calendar in advance and if TT bars are allowed in the session it will say so.