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Sundrive Track League (Results)


Next Monday 19th Join us for ‘Friendly’ Track Racing and League Presentation!
(3 Races per Category with Presetation at 20.30 in Clubhouse)

Overall Standings after Week 7 (Final)
Please ensure you display number as per sheet.
Please check after races to ensure number on result sheet is correct.
We will have a result sheet on table for that purpose.
<Detailed XLS file of League after Week 7 (Final Week)>
<Conduct of Riders> 

Please note that C1/C2 is effectively the same category. 
Prizes will be awarded to top 3 male and top 3 female across the two subsections.

Suggestions / Corrections / Feedback to sunrdrive@trackcycling.ie

The Sundrive Track League is back and this year we’ve brought in changes to make it better than ever.

  • Current Appropriate Licence and Track Accreditation Required
  • Sign on (Senior/Junior: €25, U16-U12: €10, covers all 8 weeks)
    No Weekly Fee /Family / Unwaged)
    Bike hire (€5 per week / Youth&Unwaged €2) will be from 6.20pm in the club house.
    (We are standarising the League Fees as we will be having online entry only for the Autumn League.)
  • Open track from 6pm, hired bikes only available from 6.20pm
  • Track must be cleared by 6.55pm to accommodate Youth only warm up
    (Youth riders will be taken off track for last ten minutes of warm up)
  • First Race at 7pm sharp
  • Race number must be worn. Bring your Cycling Ireland/IVCA number. For those who do not receive a race number with their licence a number will be provided for you. No number no racing. Numbers to be placed on left side hip/back area so that the number is sideways when standing straight (see example below)
  •  New points system. Points for top 4 (5,3,2,1) in each race except where otherwise stated on race schedule
  • There are 5 categories this year: A, B, C1 (New Comers), C1 (Women & similar ability) and D (Youth)
  • This year there will be even more emphasis on the rules of track racing. Riders will be given warnings/DQs in races if seen fit by the organisers on the night. Any rider seen to be regularly receiving warnings/DQs may be removed from the league. If you are unaware of the technical rules of track racing please see the UCI/CI rulebooks.  <Link to UCI Track Rules>
  • There is a new race schedule in place this year with longer races and new events. Every rider should be fully aware of the format and rules for each race. Due to longer races timing will be tighter and there will not be the time to explain the rules before each race. If you are being lapped safely move to the top of the track and re-join the back of the group. If there is no time to move safely to the top of the track, stay low to allow the bunch to pass with ease, do not move halfway up the track. Lapped riders may be asked to leave the track to ensure the safety of the bunch. If lapped do not engage in the sprint laps.
  • The first race kicks off on the 26th of April. Good luck to all.


Number placing  for track racing:
Number Placement

Race Glossary

Scratch Race: A bunch race in its purist form. First across the line wins.

Progressive Scratch: similar to a scratch race but the first few laps will be ridden at a controlled pace with riders taking half lap turns on the front. When the whistle goes the race is on.

Points Race: Bunch race. Every specified number of laps there will be a sprint with points awarded to first 4 (5,3,2,1) over the line. Rider with the most points at the end is the winner. A lap gain awards 20 points and a lap lost takes 20 points.

Tempo Race: Similar to points race but after the first sprint there is a sprint every half lap (unless otherwise stated)

Elimination Race: Bunch race which sees a rider eliminated every lap (unless otherwise stated)

Kilo Dash: A bunch race with up to 8 riders. Riders roll, lined up the track, at walking pace to 1k to go marker. Whistle is blown and it’s a race to the line.

Handicap Race: This is a scratch race where the field is handicapped based on ability with slower riders given a head start on the faster riders.

Hare & Hound: Form of handicap race with a half lap advantage given to the slower group of riders.

Win & Out: This is an elimination race of sorts. There will be 3 sprints throughout the race with the first rider in each sprint eliminated from the race. In the first sprint the eliminated rider is awarded first, in the second sprint the eliminated rider is awarded 2nd and in the final sprint the first rider across the line is awarded 3rd with 4th going to 2nd across the line.

Italian Pursuit: the group will be split into two groups of mixed ability. Each group starts on opposite sides of the track at pursuit line to race against each other. Every half lap the front rider moves up the track until only 1 rider on each team remains. The first of these to cross the pursuit line after their half lap wins for their team.


Summer League Rota
1 – 4      Sundrive Track Team
5           Arcane Cycling Team (Access to any unspecified clubs)
6 – 7     Bray / Usher
             Black Rose (Access to UCD/Swords)
9               Scott Orwell

Autumn League Rota

1 – 4      Sundrive Track Team
              Arcane Cycling Team (Access to any unspecified clubs)
6               Black Rose (Access to UCD/Swords)
7                Lucan / Lakeside / NRPT
8  – 9     Scott Orwell

It takes 3 people to run each league
6pm -7pm
(1) Sign On
(2) Bike hire
(3) Set up Track & Monitor Warm Up
7pm – 9pm
(1) Starter / Monitor Race
(2) Assemble & Instruct for next race
(3) Write in results
Give sign on & result sheets to Sean and/or photograph and wattsapp to Sean & Hugh.

If a rider is outside scope of specified clubs please pick a night in advance to assist a club listed.
We would expect all with at least a full year’s experience to assist on at least one night from the 18