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Next Accreditation : Sat 19th August

Training will recommense on the first Saturday in February 2017.
Date for Accreditation in 2017 listed below

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Accreditation at Sundrive Velodrome
Accreditation is the basic level of skill required to participate in training and riders will be required to participate in at least one further full training session and only if can be signed off on some other skills and ability to display those at speed, will then be allowed to race.

2017 Dates for Accreditation
(U16 ,Senior , Masters)
Saturday 11th February 14.00   (Cancelled due to Weather)
Saturday 4th March 14.00 (Defered to Sat 11th due to Weather)
Saturday 11th March 1400 (Extra Date)
Saturday 25th March 14.00
Saturday 15th April 14.00
Saturday 6th May 14.00
Saturday 27th May 14.00   (Cancelled due to Weather)
Friday 9th June 7pm (Extra Date – sign on 1830 to 1850)
Saturday 24th June 14.00
Saturday 22nd July 1400
Saturday 19th August 14.00
Saturday 7th October 10am (Extra Accreditation in prep for 2018 Season)

U10/12/U14 riders will be accommodated during the youth Session at 12.30
on the first two Saturdays of any month

Gaining accreditation ensures that riders have the basic level of skill required to participate, safely, in training sessions. Riders are then required to participate in at least one further full training session subsequent to the accreditation session in order for the coaches to assess their ability. Should the rider attain the required skills standard they will be ‘signed off’ and issued with an accreditation ‘pink slip’.  Once the rider has a ‘pink slip’ they will be allowed to partake in competition.

Pedals : ‘LOOK KEO’  or ‘Toe Strap with Runners‘ on our hire bikes

Accreditation Costs at Sundrive

  • Senior €10 & €5 bike hire
  • Youth/Unwaged €5 & €2 bike hire

All accreditations are subject to local weather and a minimum number of  6 participants



  • Both stages of accreditation must be undertaken within the same season. 
  • Riders with less than 1 years racing experience will be removed from the list after two seasons of inactivity.
  • Attendance at normal training sessions will extend your accreditation status irrespective of whether you race or not.
  • Riders with in excess of 2 years extensive bunch racing experience may remain on the list at the discretion of the Track Commission despite inactivity.


If you have any further enquiry not deal with in the information above you can email sundrive@trackcycling.ie

Full List of Accredited Riders – Alphabetical  (updated July 10th  2017)

Cycling Ireland Accreditation Proceedures
Conduct of Riders
List of  2017 Sundrive Accredited Riders (updated July 2017)

Coaching Roster February
Saturday 4th :- Eddie Lynch / Derek Stenson (Senior & Youth)
Saturday 11th :- Gery Ivory / John Coates (Senior & Youth)
Saturday 11th :-  Paddy Davis / Alec Darragh (Accreditation)
Saturday 18th :- Sean Curtis / Stephen Gibbons (Senior & Youth)
Saturday 25th :- Paddy Davis / John Coates (Senior & Youth)

Coaching Roster  March
Saturday 4th :- John Coates / Stephen Gibbons (Senior & Youth)
Saturday 4th :- Paddy Davis / Alec Darragh (Accreditation)
Saturday 11th :- Sean Curtis / Ronan Ryan (Senior & Youth)
Saturday 18th :- Terry Cromer / Philip Wade (Senior & Youth)
Saturday 25th :- Eddie Lynch / Hugh Byrne (Senior & Youth)
Saturday 25th :-John Coates / Ronan Ryan (Accreditation)

Coaching Roster April
Saturday 1st :- Paddy Davis / Stephen Gibbons (Senior & Youth)
Saturday 8th :- Ger Ivory / Philip Wade (Senior & Youth)
Saturday 15th :-  Ronan Ryan / John Coates (Senior & Youth)
Saturday 15th :-Eddie Lynch / John Coates (Accreditation)
Saturday 29th :-  Sean Curtis / Hugh Byrne  (Senior)
Saturday 29th :- Sean Curtis / Ronan Ryan (Youth)
Saturday 29th :- Hugh Byrne (Sprinters League)

Coaching Roster May
Saturday 6th :- Stephen Gibbons/Sean Curtis ( Senior and Youth)
Saturday 6th :-Paddy Davis/John Coates (Accreditation)
Monday 8th :-   Hugh Byrne / John Coates (Senior SQT)
Saturday 13th  :- Ger Ivory/John Coates ( Senior and Youth)
Monday 15th :-   Hugh Byrne / John Coates (Senior SQT)
Saturday 20th :- Derek Stenson/Phillip Wade ( Senior and Youth)
Monday 22nd :-   Hugh Byrne / John Coates (Senior SQT)
Saturday 27th :- Grainne Hanley/ Derek Stenson
Saturday 27th :- John Coates / Paddy Davis  (Accreditation)
Saturday 27th :- Hugh Byrne (Sprinters League)
Monday 29th :-   Hugh Byrne / John Coates (Senior SQT)

Coaching Roster June
Friday 9th :- Paddy Davis / Eddie Lynch (Accreditation)
Saturday 10th :- Stephen Gibbons / Derek Stenson (Senior & Youth)
Saturday 10th :- Hugh Byrne (Sprinters League)
Monday 12th :- Hugh Byrne / John Coates (Senior SQT & Youth)
Ssturday 24th :-  John Coates / Grainne Hanley  (Senior & Youth)
Ssturday 24th :- Ger Ivory / Paddy Davis  (Accreditation)
Monday 26th :- John Coates / Stephen Gibbons / Brian Nugent  (Pursuit SQT & Youth)

Coaching Roster July
Monday 3rd :-  Hugh Byrne/ John Coates (Youth)
Monday 3rd :-  Mark Kiely / Felix English / Fintan Ryan  (Madison SQT)
Saturday 8th :- Ger Ivory / Philip Wade (Senior & Youth)
Saturday 8th :- Hugh Byrne (Sprinters League)
Monday 10th :- Hugh Byrne/ John Coates (Senior SQT & Youth)
Monday 17th :- Hugh Byrne/ John Coates (MADISON SQT)
Saturday 22nd :- John Coates / Stephen Gibbons  (Senior & Youth)
Saturday 22nd :-  Paddy Davis /John Coates (Accreditation)
Monday 24th :- Hugh Byrne/ John Coates (Senior SQT & Youth)
Saturday 29th :- John Coates / Grainne Hanley (Senior & Youth)
Saturday 29th :- Hugh Byrne (Sprinters League)
Monday 31st :- Hugh Byrne/ John Coates (Senior SQT & Youth)

Coaching Roster August
Monday 7th :- Mark Kiely / Fintan Ryan (MADISON SQT)
Saturday 12th :- John Coates / Ger Ivory (Senior & Youth)
Saturday 12th :- Hugh Byrne (Sprinters League)
Monday 14th :-Hugh Byrne/ John Coates (Senior SQT & Youth)
Saturday 19th :- John Coates / Stephen Gibbons (Senior & Youth)
Saturday 19th :- Paddy Davis /Eddie Lynch (Accreditation)
Monday 21st :- Hugh Byrne/ John Coates (Senior SQT & Youth)
Monday 28th :- Hugh Byrne/ John Coates (Senior SQT & Youth)