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Track is Back – Sat 4th February

Hello All,

Track Training at Sundrive Velodrome recommences on Saturday 4th February. We will be running a combined Senior and Youth Session at 10am each week for Accredited riders. We will review this after a month as to when we split this group. We also won’t be starting up the 8am Derny session until March.

We are also holding ‘Open Sprint’ training at12.30 on Saturdays for those who are working to their own plan, but please note these sessions are for Sprint Training only and there is also a training fee due.

We are offering an ‘all inclusive’ package for Seniors/Junior at 100€. This includes all public training, including Open Sessions, all midweek leagues and also bike hire for new riders. Please note though there is no bike hire available for Derny or Open Sessions. There is also an all inclusive available for Youth at 60€ and this will also include a 5 week Saturday Youth League later in the year.

There is also a Facility Fee (10€) due from all Senior/Junior/Coaches who use the track, irrespective of whether they train in public, private or open sessions. This is your contribution to the upkeep of the facility.

Please note that the all inclusive is only an option – the pay as you go will also be available and if you do choose to opt for the all inclusive deals we will operate a grace period where you can pay within a month. Payment can only be accepted via the Eventmaster link.

Our Saturday public training for the first few weeks will focus on improving fitness and track skills and it will be a longer session than usual. Each week the session will consist of a 20 minute warm up, some skill drills, a longer endurance fitness section, some instruction on a particular event and all sessions will finish with a mock race.

Sign in and Payment <Link>
Accreditation Sat February 18th <Infomation>

Best Regards