Training @ Sundrive

SQT Week 7 (6th July will require over race gear  - Plus 6 inches)
No worries if on hire bike or unable to change gear
(1) 4 x Rolling 500s (Overgeared & Seated)
(2) Paired Starts (Low Gear with High Gear)
Weather Ok at present 1630 but heavy showers on radar for 1800 to 2100
*  No training tonight *
Forecast for Wednesdays League is good, as is weekends weather for International

Sign on & Bike Hire 1850-1905
Session 1915 to 2045
All riders must be on the fence ready to roll at 19.15

Monday Youth Training at Sundrive : recommences June 8th
Sign & bike hire 1730-1750 , Session 1800-1900
No new riders on Mondays

Pedals on Hire Bikes

For 2015 hire bikes at Sundrive Velodrome are now fitted with LOOK KEO pedals

Local Weather
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Sundrive Summer League Results after Final Week 8 (Final)
<Link to Results of Sundrive Summer Track League>

Sundrive Autumn Track League (Results after Week 1)
<Link to Results of Sundrive Autumn Track League>

<Conduct of Riders>

New Youth Riders
New youth riders only accepted on 1st & 2nd Saturdays of any month at 1230 session.
Senior riders must attend scheduled Accreditations

List of Accredited Riders